1. These are fun. I like the trolls – throwback to my childhood! One plant I really like indoors is Aloe Vera because it helps with burns and cuts. Good to keep one in a kitchen window!

    • Hi Kayleigh. I actually have an Aloe vera on my kitchen windowsill that i’ve grow from seed. It’s in the kitchen as this monster doesn’t fit anywhere else. It’s so huge now and jaggy that it’s been named ‘Seymour’- as a throw back to Little Petshop of Horrors? Anyway I did try to photograph it for this post covered in little cowboys, but it literally ate a cowboy, so we abandoned the photographs so save the other cowboys ha. (It fell and got stuck in between the jaggy leaves and my chubby fingers haven’t managed to retrieve him yet). It’s a wonderful architectural plant but jeez is it mean. X

  2. This is right on time. It is so cold where we are living and winter seems it will be here much longer. These are great activities for my little one. I especially like the Fun with succulents 😊

    • Thanks Mary. Winter does seem to have an extra tight grip this year. Weve had a huge dumping of snow this morning after thinking we were finally over it and looking into spring. Oh well. Hopefully we can all gwt out soon or i might have an entire succulent wall to look at ha

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