1. Love your list of craft ideas for kids!! I have some little ones who are always digging into my craft supplies. 🙂 We’ve made the sew your own puppy. I think we will definitely have to check out the rainy day craft box.

    • Hi Jennifer. Thanks for your comments. Its wonderful how a box of bits can keep little ones amused for house isn’t it. Good luck with it!!

    • Hi Kelsey, Thanks for your comment. I’m so please you found this post helpful. I’m like you, fed up finding places to put more toys that the kids never look at! I love pulling out a craft when i hear the “I’m bored” cry and i’ts always a hit. Good quality time together and no more clutter to find space for. Let me know what you decide to try!

    • Hi Nailil, im so glad you Love my post! I feel the same, the kids even get screens for more things at school and nurseries now! It’s wonderful to educate them in technology as this is the way everything is going now, but its definately too much of a good thing. I mean you can buy dolls and cuddlies that are controlled via apps and tablets now!! Let me know if you try any of these craft ideas.

    • Hi Adriana, thanks so much for your comment, i’m so glad you found this post useful. Let me know if you try any of the crafts. They’re all amazing fun!

    • Hi Caroline. This is so true. As kids we made up so many different games and crafts from our imaginations. Kids nowadays need everything to be spelled out. I put the rainy day craft box from the post infront of the 8 kids i look after and none of them could think of a thing to make!… we got there eventually but such a shame our kids have lost this. I hope you try a few of these ideas.

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