1. Great ideas! These Christmas activities sound like a lot of fun, even for me as an adult! There is a Veggietales Christmas movie that I loved called, “A Star of Christmas,” whose name sounded really similar (name-wise) to the movie ” A Christmas Star” that you watch with your family.

  2. Ah such lovely ideas to get into the Christmas mood! I love the idea of going out of your way to help the animals in the woods and put food out at such a cold time of the year. Such a wonderful lesson to teach your children too. I hope you all have a mega Christmas! 💚

  3. This is probably the best idea I’ve ever seen. I seriously love this. Every year I always feel so overwhelmed and stressed by having to find the perfect gifts for everyone and I feel like I never fulling enjoy holiday activities. This is so perfect because you take the time to enjoy it and make it all last. I seriously love this. I’m going to have to incorporate this concept into my holiday fun next year.

    • Ah thank you Christine. I’m so glad you found it useful. I do like to stretch out the whole season. I hope you enjoy trying some of these ideas. Have a wonderul Christmas.

  4. Audrey

    Aghh I love these ideas! We do many of them as well! We do more advent focused things leading up to Christmas and then celebrate Christmas in full swing for the 12 days of Christmas (Dec 25- January 5, the feast of the Epiphany) on each of those days of Christmas we try to have a special theme to celebrate each day of the true Christmas season(the 12 days of Christmas).

    • Ah Thanks Sarah. It really does stretch out the ‘happy’ feelings ( it also helps keep the kids energy focused on a different activity instead of the energy building lol) Have a wonderful Christmas

  5. Michelle

    I have never thought of a lot of these and I needed this list a few weeks ago- making a Santa plate is adorable and I am totally stealing this idea

    • Hi Michelle. Glad you enjoyed this list. Give it a go. Its so easy but effective. You can make them for all sorts of occassions..let me know how you get on! Merry Christmas x

  6. Angie

    These are such great and cute ideas. Love those Christmas plates. Can’t wait for my daughter to be old enough to be able to make those with her.

  7. Love this Christmas ideas, my step-daughter and I we like to create ornaments. Those plates are so beautiful . Thank you for sharing this post.

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