• Hi Brandi. Im glad you enjoyed it. If your looking to get into gardening with your kids keep an eye out for my kids gardening guides coming soon as there will be loads of easy and fun activities to get you started. X

  1. This is amazing. Living in the city makes it so difficult for us to get closer to nature. We are looking to move homes and your post makes me want to find one with a balcony at least to get my daughter interested in gardening and plants.

    • Ahh thanks Sapna. But you dont need to miss out. Why not try some strawberries in a small pot. A hanging basket next to your front door Or an indoor herb garden. You can even regrow some kitchen scraps too. Lemongrass, celery, lemon seeds etc all regrow on the kichen window sill. If you sign up to my mail list you’ll be see my how to garden with kids series coming soon, where i have lots of ideas on small spaces, container gatdens and fun activites.x

    • Hi Tierney. Im glad you enjoyed it. Keep a look out for my how to garden series coming soon. It has loads of hints and tips on how to get started and have lots of fun.

    • Hi Jasmine. Im glad you enjoyed this post. I learned to garden by watching my dad. So its really important in this crazy technology driven world for me to involve my kids. They are so much happier when they connect with the soil.(Even if i do have to hide their chargers ha)

  2. These are very great reasons to grow a garden with children. Last year I introduced my toddler to planting his own flowers. We started with Marigolds. We’re excited to expand this year.

    • Hi Stacy. Thanks Stacy. Im so glad your son enjoys growing things. Why not try something edible this year like strawberries or peas. That was he will be rewarded with a treat after his hard word.
      Keep an eye out for my Gardening with kids guide coming out soon as ut has lots of tips to keep kids interested. X

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