1. What is Passat? We love pickled beets but we have a hard time growing them. We have a clay soil that we have worked fertilizer from our chicken pen into. We keep trying but can’t seem to get them to come up.

    • Hi Nicki, Beetroots are amazing and relatively easy to grow once they greminate. I have problems here too so what I do is sow the seeds individually in pots or in a cell tray divided into 20 difference ‘cells’?
      Once the seed leaves are showing i run a shallow line along the soil and place the seedlings in about 5 to 10 cm apart and cover them before watering them in well. This way I get loads more beetroot make it.
      Also Passat is a basic tomato puree. You could make your own by roasting a load of tomatoes till soft and de-skin them and blitz them in a food processor to a puree. Hope that helps? Let me know how you get on.


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