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Are You Tired Of…
*Yearning for a green space full of healthy fresh food you can feed your family but no idea where to start?
*Buying plastic wrapped vegetables at the supermarket adding to our planets plastic problems?
*Communicating with the back of your kids head as they stay locked on a screen indoors?
*Watching other mums gardening and growing their own organic vegetables and  mainge it look so easy?
*Trying to grow something but no idea where to start?
I totally understand because I’ve been there.
I grew up watching my dad grow vegetables but when I tried to do it, everything died or went wrong.
I made every mistake, so much so my husband would joke I was the Green Reaper. 
 Fast forward 10 years and we have an allotment all our own.
I believe that everyone can and should grow their own fruit and vegetables.
That's why I created this online course!
  • To help you plan your vegetable garden.
  • To give you a good idea of what to do when.
  • Succeed in owning your very own green thumb! 
This is a fun, in-depth training that will guide you through my system for how to plan, layout, plant and maintain a successful vegetable garden all of your own.



What Will You Learn In This "Planning Your Vegetable Garden" Course?




I've broken this course down into bite-sized chunks to help you consider each step towards your own vegetable garden. 


*Planning the available space and how to lay them out to get the best results.


*How to improve your soil to ensure success.


*How to choose which types of seeds will grow best for you


*Working out what to grow and when to sow


*How  to grow your seeds



*Troubleshoot common problems to avoid.


*How to care for your seedlings so that they will thrive in your garden


*How to get plants ready for going outside.


*How to create your own, sow, plant and harvest calendar that will make it easy to grow your own  vegetables year after year!!



Get supported along the way from us here at Growinghealthykids.

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Get Set Up And Grow!

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