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  2. This is awesome. I knew of a few of these tricks but not all. Quick Question. I live in Texas, which we all know gets very very HOT. Will some of these fruits and vegetables just not work because of the climate?

    • Hi Miranda. Im glad you like these ideas. Firstly seeds Want to grow so im sure theyd grow anywhere. Especially ginger and lemongrass as they are from hotter climates anyway. Alot of these suggestions can be grow indoors so do you have air conditioning? That might help. Im sure so long as you can keep the plants watered as they require they should work for you. Perhaps you could put some plants in a shade corner to reduce the sun glare?? If in doubt try and see as i have found trial and error to be the best judge. Some times i have amazing results with something my neighbour struggles with. And the best thing about these ideas are theyre all grown from scraps so if they fail youve not lost anything. Let me know how you get on. Im in the UK so blasting hot summers arent something we deal with much ha. X

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