1. Freezing everything is a great idea! Love it! I also need to try the talc trick for sand. Whining kids and sticky legs are a terrible way to end your super fun day. Can’t wait for beach weather

  2. Super fun! We are heading to the beach this weekend and even though it’s Southern California, I haven’t had a good beach day in ages. Great tips! I’ll be packing talc in our beach bag.

  3. Designing a couch on the sand is a pretty great and innovative idea. I also liked Origami boat, I mean it is always great when you bring creativity outside your home. I would like to add a metal detector and giant bubble maker to this list. At the beach, it is always a little humid, provides a great ambiance for making giant bubbles. Although, high-speed winds might work in the opposite direction as well!

    • Love it Abbey. My son has a metal detector and I totally forgot about it ha Im gonna add that in to my list if its ok. Also giant bubble maker. Need to look into that as we have a bubble machine which the kids LOVE but never seen giant bubbles. Great !

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