1. Awesome gift! I love how elegant and how creative this is! I was just wondering though, where would one get soap powder? I have never heard of that ingredient before, sadly enough.

    • Hey there, it’sa lovelt craft and so easy for kids to make. Soap powder is washing detergent for clothes? The powder that goes in the washing machine? I can’t think what else to call it! Ha hope that helped? Let me know if not and ill try and find out what its called where you are x

    • Hi Ritika, Thank you! Its become a yearly tradition in our house, we all collect the foliage and ‘bits’ together then we all help put it together my 6 year old CC is almost able to make the whole thing on her own now she doesnt like the spikey holly though so thats my job. It’s a lovely day in our Christmas every year. Give it a go!

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