1. I love these ideas. I’m always trying to get my kids outdoors. We do a lot of hiking and camping. Our winters are so awful here that I feel like I want to take advantage of every bit of warmer weather!

    • Hi Marysa. It’s great you get outdoors so much but do you know some kids ive met dont know what a bush is. Frightening. Maybe you could bring nature indoors in the winter? Maybe grow on the window sill of dry some petals and leaves in the summer to make collages in the winter. X

  2. Marjie Mare

    These are all simple ways to connect with nature but we tend to forget. Thanks for the reminder. Nature brings me peace and joy.

    • Hi Marjie.it’s amazing with everyone leading busy lives full of technology how often we forget to stop and breath. I do feel thats why nature is so important. We are part of it and we need to stop and “smell the roses” sometimes. X

  3. Yes, we do need nature! It feels so good to just be outside and feel the fresh air. We try to make it a habit of going outside once a day. Have a walk or go to the park, if the weather is nice. One thing I want to do more of is bring nature inside our home (:

    • Great Idea Taylor! It saddens me that some kids are so closetted indoors infront of screens they miss out on these simple pleasures. Maybe bringing nature in would be a good introduction to them. Let me know what you come up with. Maybe a windowsill herb garden, a terranium or it could be sowing some salad leaves on the window sill. I’ll get my thinking cap on. Come back soon or sign up and see what i come up with x

    • Hi Cait.I’m so glad you enjoyed this post. Hopefully this helps you make even more wonderful memories together. If you find other suggestions on your travels let me know x

    • Ah Sahar. That’s wonderful. Most of what I write about is based on my own childhood and i feel kids today are missing out on that. In 20 years time what will they be nostalgic about?? That’s why I started this blog so i’m really happy this has brought some memories back for you and your little ones enjoy them tooXx

    • Thanks Heather im glad you enjoyed it. It really is that simple to get the kids having fun outdoors. Its easier than finding the charger for their tablet ha.

  4. Reminiscing my childhood days. And I still do most of them when get an opportunity, especially looking at the clouds and finding hidden shaped and figures 🙂 Thanks a lot for pouring your heart in writing this post, Gail.

    • Hi Praneet. Thanks for your reply. This is exactly what worries me about kids today…what will they reminisce about when theyre older? The latest xbox game?? Frightening. Im so glad you enjoyed my post xx

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