1. I have spring on my mind and have already been planning a small garden. I think I could very easily incorporate several of your ideas to really get my kids involved and invested in our garden!

    • Great Jenny that sounds fab. How far have you got with your plan? Im writing a free ebook at the moment on How to plan a garden with kids. Look out for that if you need more ideas x

    • Hi Sarah. This is the perfect age to start kids off. Its so much better for them to get out and explore.. and they sleep better too with all the fresh air BONUS!!

      • Aah Mummabear thanks. I know what you mean its not easy to get time. There are lots of window sill seeds you can grow so you can start off small. Also if you garden in pots its easier to divide time. 1 pot a day is easier than 1 garden.

  2. Lovely post 😊 some great ideas here . I too love to get my kids outside , getting them to appreciate nature from a young age is so important.

    • Hi Becky i completely agree. My kids love it Nd have done it since they wers old enough to walk. But some of my day care kids freaK out if they are asked to pick flowers even. I beleieve we have a responsibility to teach our kids about the world around us.

    • Hi Jessica. Im glad you liked it. Maybe some of the ideas will keep him out of the mud for a bit and save your washing machine a chore ha x

  3. What great ideas! I’m soooo looking forward to getting outside and gardening with my kiddos in a few months. We’re planning a big vegetable garden and a cut flower garden as well.

    • Hi Marie. This makes my heart sing to hear your are taking the plunge into vegetable gardening. Its a lot of work but after a few seasons it is ALL worth it. If you need any help make sure to look out for my free gardening with kids ebook coming soon as its got lots of ideas that might help you.Good luck. I hope the weather changes soon. Weve woke to another dumping of snow.

  4. Marcie

    The bee watering hole is brilliant! I’m going to see if my preschooler wants to do this! We keep hearing about neighborhood gardens with beehives!

  5. These are such great ideas!! I know my boys would love this. We used to do it when we lived in OH Im going to have to figure out how to tweak it now that we are in Az

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