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Join thousands of parents who’ve gone from clueless beginner to enthusiastic gardener by learning new skills that will help you grow chemical free vegetables, save you money AND encourage your kids to get your kids off their screens. Learn the steps you need to teach children how to plant a seed, help it grow and eventually harvest delicious food with our simple step by step guides. Literally Growing Healthy Kids???

Want to know your first steps?

Are you fed up feeling deflated ?

  • Fed up feeling like a clueless beginner with no idea where to start?
  • Do you wish you could get the kids into the garden doing something fun and healthier?
  • Frustrated by the lack of time and energy you have to try to get out and grow something?
  • Or maybe you have tried to grow some seeds, or a few baby plants from the garden centre, but nothing ever grows or worse they shrivel up and disappear?

Do you even tell yourself it’s not your fault, you just don’t have a green thumb, Right?

Wrong !!

You don't need a green thumb. . .

If you dream of popping to your windowsill or your backyard patio and harvesting a few ripe strawberries for breakfast, green crisp salad leaves for lunch or maybe even send the kids out to the back yard to dig up a few potatoes to make a family meal, then you’ve landed in the right place. You don’t need a green thumb, a huge space or a lot of cash to get started you just need a little guidance, some space, time and the will to give it a try.

Let me help your garden grow by giving you. . .


  • Step by step instructions to grow delicious fruit vegetables and flowers in any space you have whether that is a windowsill, patio or plot.
  •  A variety of fun frugal garden projects for all seasons that will help you and your kids grow together, build confidence and learn the skills you need to grow more.
  • AND I will back up your learning with simple and fun Printables, Journals and Ebooks, 

Why ? . . . Because I care !

I want children to grow up with the ability to grow their own food. To be able to enjoy being out in their own garden, feeling the sun on their face, chasing butterflies around and eating chemical free nutritious food. To know where their food comes from, (and no I don’t mean the supermarket!) To give them life lessons that may help them maintain their future food security in this strange world we live in now.

 I have so many memories of exploring the world through my garden and it scares me to think our children will only have memories of what new console game they were playing or the filter they used to prefer when sending friends photos!

  •  I want every child to feel the excitement of seeing their first tiny seed sprout into leaf,
  • To learn the benefits of the plants around us by finding and eating wild plants like blackberries, apples or even garlic. 
  • To experience the anticipation of searching through a pot of soil, looking for their first golden potatoes
  • Or tasting the sweet crunchiness of picking their first green swollen pod of peas and eating them fresh from the plant.   

So, if your ready to get started and save money on groceries, eat delicious food you grew together and more importantly, have quality time with your kids, just download your 12 Step Guide to get started now.

Grab your copy of our FREE 12 Step Planning Guide To Starting Your First Kitchen Garden. 

This simple guide for beginners will spell out the 12 things your need to consider when planning out where, what and how you will grow.

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