11 Ways To Bring Nature Indoors With Kids

11 Ways To Bring Nature Indoors With Kids

Winter is hanging on with both hands right now, it’s so frustrating not to be able to get outdoors. Some days are so Spring like and calm it’s wonderful and the spring flowers are growing steadily. Then there’s days like today. Wet, cold and windy. YUCK!

So I decided to share some ways to bring nature indoors, so you don’t have to feel trapped indoors. These activities are wonderful if you don’t have a garden or experience horrible Winters and your stuck indoors. Give them a try and comment below and let me know how you get on!

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Plant Play Pots.

bring nature indoors

This is a little bit of fun. Bring in some of your favourite house plants. Using some of the kids toys why not make them into something playful. A cactus pot could be the scene for a cowboy showdown, a spider plant the scene for an epic battle between dragon and some knights. Or what about a fairy garden in a money plant. These ideas are all so cute and they can be changed to suit your mood.


Air plants.

bring nature indoors                                Tillandsia Mix – 3 Plants – Indoor Air Plant for House Vivarium Terrarium

Growing up I loved these beautiful plants. My mum would have one hanging in the bathroom and it would thrive in the steamy atmosphere. Why not get a few of these and dot them around the bathroom. They need almost no looking after and can bring a lovely outdoors feel. Also, for the bathroom,why not try hanging some eucalyptus from the shower head? This adds a wonderful smell to the air when the steam heats the essential oils inside and looks amazing.

Why not Download a copy of my “11 Steps to Creating a Wildlife Garden with Kids” and spend some time planning yours??

Fun with succulents.

Picture from FB Budget 101
Picture from FB Budget 101

Houseleeks and other small succulents grow in very little soil and need very little care.
You can use a box frame with mesh on it to plant succulents in to make a hanging picture for your home. Like this one from Balconygardenweb.com
Add a touch of the whimsical to your houseplants and plant some in old toys like an old toy truck. These troll dolls(above) and truck have been recycles into fun planters the kids love. You could use any toys for this and recycle them into a new purpose. Try this one from tobyandroo.com


Grow something tasty on the window sill.

There are so many things you can grow on a windowsill, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

You could try salads in pots on the window for kids to snip off the leaves as they grow, or another good idea is to sow lots of pea shoots in a pot or deep tray. Instead of waiting till the plant sets seeds(pea-pods) use the growing tips as an edible. Better yet. You don’t need special seeds to grow pea shoot. Just buy a cheap bag or dried marrowfat peas from the supermarket. The kind that you might use for soups. These are just dried peas and will grow into fab pea shoot really quickly. Micro greens are also incredibly popular these days with posh chef’s using them as a new ingredient. You can grow them at home so easily. Or why not grow something hot hot hot and grow a chilli or a pepper?

Regrow vegetable scraps.

Try regrowing some of your veg scraps kn the windowsill. Carrot tops. Celery etc. see this wonderful post here for lots of ideas.

Bring your wildlife indoors

A wonderful activity we tried last year was bringing in some wildlife. In May we ordered some catapillars which we kept in a butterfly net and fed it daily. Eventually it wrapped itself into a cocoon and turned into a beautiful butterfly. The kids were beside themselves with excitement each day but it was a little sad when they had to set the butterfly free. We have also tried  raising a tadpole in a tank of water. My son ED set up an old fish tank with some gravel and a little water in it. We put in a stone so the little frogs can crawl up. Everyone watched and waited and they eventually grew all their arms and legs and begin hopping about. the kids loved taking the tadpoles back to their original pond at our allotments where they hopped off into the sunset.

Here are some kits you could try:-

An Ant Farm
Ant Farm T with free Ants and Queen – Educational formicarium for LIVE ants

A Butterfly Farm

Insect Lore Butterfly Garden

or A Snail World

My Living World Snail World


Make a terrarium


Indoor nature terraniumsUsing a glass bowl, jar or other container you could make onne of these amazing terrariums. They can be any size or shape, and are mostly self watering.

Check out morningchores.com for some fantastic terranium ideas

Pinecone or moss house plant topper.

Use small pinecones as a dressing on top of your houseplants for an unusual but natural look. They help to keep in moisture and slowly breakdown to feed your plant too.

Cress initials with coriander.

This picture and craft here by Citygirlgonecoastal is a great example of sowing cress seed. However, you don’t need to just use cress. You can use any fast growing micro leaves such as, cress, rocket, broccoli, radishes,

Other seeds to try are basil, beetroot, cabbage, chard, chervil, chicory, coriander, dill, fennel, kale, kohl rabi, mibuna, mizuna, mustard, orach, pak choi, radish, rocket, sorrel or spinach. The list is endless and it’s a great way to introduce kids to knew flavours too.

Photographs with kids.

A great way for kids to bring nature indoors is too photograph it. My son ED is wonderful at capturing a perfect image. Why not go for a day out to the zoo, or a wildlife park and try to take some unusual pictures you can take home. Make a college, canvas, photobook or even printable wallpaper to look at in your home when you can’t get out.

Set up a collectors box.

This idea from photoshop.com is a great way to display anything the kids love to collect when they’re outside. Encourage the kids to collect all sorts of pretty bits. Pinecones. Feathers. Leaves. Twigs etc. Then display them indoors where the kids can play and explore with them. A tray of conkers and pinecones, recently became a feeding tray for a group of zoo animals the kids were playing with.
You could display your bits in a small basket, I have also used cutlery tray inners and a muffin tray before. Have fun with it.

So, I hope you have found a few ideas you can try. Bringing nature indoors can be so rewarding. Do you have Any other ideas?? Hit comment and let me know.

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12 thoughts on “11 Ways To Bring Nature Indoors With Kids”

  1. These are fun. I like the trolls – throwback to my childhood! One plant I really like indoors is Aloe Vera because it helps with burns and cuts. Good to keep one in a kitchen window!

    1. Hi Kayleigh. I actually have an Aloe vera on my kitchen windowsill that i’ve grow from seed. It’s in the kitchen as this monster doesn’t fit anywhere else. It’s so huge now and jaggy that it’s been named ‘Seymour’- as a throw back to Little Petshop of Horrors? Anyway I did try to photograph it for this post covered in little cowboys, but it literally ate a cowboy, so we abandoned the photographs so save the other cowboys ha. (It fell and got stuck in between the jaggy leaves and my chubby fingers haven’t managed to retrieve him yet). It’s a wonderful architectural plant but jeez is it mean. X

  2. This is right on time. It is so cold where we are living and winter seems it will be here much longer. These are great activities for my little one. I especially like the Fun with succulents 😊

    1. Thanks Mary. Winter does seem to have an extra tight grip this year. Weve had a huge dumping of snow this morning after thinking we were finally over it and looking into spring. Oh well. Hopefully we can all gwt out soon or i might have an entire succulent wall to look at ha

    1. Hey Tracey. Thanks for reading. Succulents are so easy to play with we try all sorts with them.

      Everytime one of the kids break a toy, the first question they ask is can i plant something in it!

      My kids love it. They love to grow things and be outside but they get frustrated in the Winter when we aren’t out as much so bringing ideas like this indoors still let them have fun with it and keep the connection to the outdoors.

      This week we are taking cuttings from out giant money plant to make little plants to go with our Christmas Gifts. Xx

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