15 Screen Free Crafty Gifts For Kids

Crafty Gifts Ideas for Christmas

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15 Screen Free Crafty Gifts For Kids

Crafty Gifts Ideas for Christmas
15 Crafty Gift ideas for kids

This post should help you at Christmas. Instead of adding to the clutter this gift season, why not help your child learn a new skill.

The hours I must have spent as a child learning how to crochet and knit with my mum . I am lucky as she’s a very crafty lady and can turn her hand to anything from jewellery making to gnome making!

I do encourage crafting in my own children and childmindees in a variety of ways. However, im not nearly as accomplished as my mum is. So I find a craft set to be fantastically helpful. Everything is cut out with step by step instructions.

Its a wonderful way to experience a craft to see if your kids love it before you look more into it and buy all sorts of equipment.

I have included affiliate links to items that I use, love and recommend. If you purchase through one of these links I earn a small commission with no extra cost to you


Screen Free Crafty Gifts For Kids:- where to start!

I’ve listed below some craft sets that we’ve used I the past. Now, don’t get me wrong, giving these as part of a Christmas or birthday present could result in eye rolling or tossing it to the side and swiftly moving on.

But I promise you the next time its pouring outside or you hear “im bored” and you pull out your craft set you’ll be a hero. Spending a hour or so chatting away while putting a fun craft together can lead to wonderful times.

Crafty gifts to try.

My fairy garden 

15 Screen Free Crafty Gifts For Kids
My Fairy Garden

Not strictly a craft, but this was incredibly fun to put together. We ended up not using it with real soil at the moment. Its coming into winter here and the grass seed that comes in the box might have struggled.

Crafty Gifts for Christmas
Our version of The Fairy Garden

Instead we used a section of fake grass, the kind they use for sports fields now, AstroTurf I think.

We cut that to shape and popped it in the bottom and it works a treat. My little girl has a variety of mini elves and fairies and Zelfs from different playsets and Kinder Toys over the years so she plays in the garden with those all the time.

Its also led to lots of little crafts as weve now made a bed for the unicorn to sleep in. A dream catcher to protect her garden ( see below) and lots of little flowers and picnic blanket. Its been a lot of fun and it evolves regularly.


Polymer Clay Set

15 Screen Free Crafty Gifts For Kids
Buy Polymer Clay 

This is a wonderful set as it has so many different colours, although the blocks of each colour are quite small. This set opens up so many possibilties. The kids could make Christmas decorations for the tree, make a gift for someone or just make a special ornament to treasure forever.

Sew your own puppy


15 Screen Free Crafty Gifts For Kids
Make Your Own Puppy Set

I’ve put this as an example as my son loves puppies. However, you can buy a make your own set for almost anything rabbits, cow, even unicorns. It’s a wonderful way for kids to learn a craft and make a new friend at the same time.


Charm bracelet making kit.

15 Screen Free Crafty Gifts For Kids
                  Charm Bracelet kit


This Fairy Charm Bracelet kit is my daughters favourite. It’s a lovely set and one im including in my daughters stocking this year again. It’ll be lovely to make it together then I can add a charm to it whenever she needs rewarding.

Rock painting kit.

15 Screen Free Crafty Gifts For Kids
Rock Painting kit


This is a great starter craft. Its one that you can experiment with and get some ideas then continue on and on.

There a giant amount of pebbles and rocks out there. We always collect a few when we walk along the river. The kids love to paint them with different animals and faces. Sometimes my eldest writes little notes or saying on them and we dot them around the local area.

A few he did recently said things like ” your going to have a wonderful day” and “the birds are singing just for you” and he wanted to place them along the woodland path we use. He placed them in holes in trees and against their roots.

Hopefully, they’ll help someone feel better if they see them and things aren’t going so well. Such a lovely idea.

First 5 done, are you still with me?

Glow in the dark scary animals

15 Screen Free Crafty Gifts For Kids
Glow in the dark scary animals

I haven’t tried this one yet but kids are fascinated by bugs and all things creepy so I bet this would go down a storm. I’ve bought this one for my sons stocking this year so i’m hoping it’s a hit.

Candle making kit

15 Screen Free Crafty Gifts For Kids
Kids Candle Making kit

I used to love making candles as a child. We made them to order as a fundraiser in school in Primary 7 and I’ve experimented ever since.This is definatley a craft for older kids though.

Friendship bracelets.

15 Screen Free Crafty Gifts For Kids
Friendship Bracelets for kids

This craft is always a pleaser. There’s so many different styles and ways to make these. Loom bands too over for a while but the kids eventually came back to these traditional ones.

Mini bird houses to paint.

15 Screen Free Crafty Gifts For Kids
Paint Your Own Bird House.

Tiny clay ones or ones made from wood. There is a wide choice out there. We had this one from Melissa and Doug which gave small a beautiful wooden house. It was really easy to put together and we had a lovely afternoon painting it before hanging it in a tree outside. My daughter decided it was a fairy house and hung it in our fairy glen (a small space between 3 larger shrubs that has a few small plants in it. My Cc is convinced its a fairy glen. The little house adds the magic here.

The rainy day craft box.

15 Screen Free Crafty Gifts For Kids
                Rainy Day Craft Box

The possibilies are endless. My kids spent hours with this box, we actually started with rain and weather crafts and it ended up we made all sorts of things for autumn and now Christmas. The crafty bits inside have gone a long way and i’ve still got lots left.

5 More Screen Free Crafty Gifts For Kids to go!

Sequin art 

15 Screen Free Crafty Gifts For Kids
Sequin Art

Still fashionable after many years. Cc loves to do one of these on a wet weekend. We’ll walk the dog and get soaked, then change into our dry cosy clothes or pj’s and have some hot chocolate as we complete a kit like this.


Dream catcher kit

15 Screen Free Crafty Gifts For Kids
DIY Dream Catcher Kit. 

Quite a fiddly one here but the end result is just lovely. We worth sitting together to make.



Hamma beads space hanging mobile

15 Screen Free Crafty Gifts For Kids
Hamma Beads Space Mobile

Weve not had this exact set yet, as I normally buy the bulk box of beads and come up with our own ideas. However, I think this set would go down a treat with the planets and aliens. Anything space in our house especially over the Winter when we have dark skies.

Make your own soap set

15 Screen Free Crafty Gifts For Kids

I love the soap in this set it almost looks like glass gems as they’re so clear. Definitely a craft to do together as as adult supervision is required. So maybe not a craft for younger but its so effective. You could even make them all and give them as gifts.


Sand Art Set
15 Screen Free Crafty Gifts For Kids


 A very retro art set again but my kids still ask for these sets every year, we have a growing collection of little bottle now and i love them all. we’ve even used some sand from places we’ve been so they can hold memories for us too.

Screen Free Crafty Gifts For Kids.

So thats my round up of our favourite crafty gifts. I hope you’ve found something to give you inspiration this year. Have a go at some of them and let me know how you get on. Is there any other crafts you prefer??


Crafty Gifts Ideas for Christmas


10 thoughts on “15 Screen Free Crafty Gifts For Kids”

  1. Love your list of craft ideas for kids!! I have some little ones who are always digging into my craft supplies. 🙂 We’ve made the sew your own puppy. I think we will definitely have to check out the rainy day craft box.

    1. Hi Jennifer. Thanks for your comments. Its wonderful how a box of bits can keep little ones amused for house isn’t it. Good luck with it!!

    1. Hi Kelsey, Thanks for your comment. I’m so please you found this post helpful. I’m like you, fed up finding places to put more toys that the kids never look at! I love pulling out a craft when i hear the “I’m bored” cry and i’ts always a hit. Good quality time together and no more clutter to find space for. Let me know what you decide to try!

    1. Hi Nailil, im so glad you Love my post! I feel the same, the kids even get screens for more things at school and nurseries now! It’s wonderful to educate them in technology as this is the way everything is going now, but its definately too much of a good thing. I mean you can buy dolls and cuddlies that are controlled via apps and tablets now!! Let me know if you try any of these craft ideas.

    1. Hi Adriana, thanks so much for your comment, i’m so glad you found this post useful. Let me know if you try any of the crafts. They’re all amazing fun!

    1. Hi Caroline. This is so true. As kids we made up so many different games and crafts from our imaginations. Kids nowadays need everything to be spelled out. I put the rainy day craft box from the post infront of the 8 kids i look after and none of them could think of a thing to make!… we got there eventually but such a shame our kids have lost this. I hope you try a few of these ideas.

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