22 Outdoor Activities For Autumn Your Kids Will Love

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Autumn is by far our favourite season. The changing colours, the cooler air, wind swaying through the brittle leaves and the robins begin to sing again.

A sweater and wellington boots and I’m a happy bunny.

But its not just me, the kids are so much happier at this time of year.

Riding your bike in autumn is just one activity to do outdoors

Autumn brings tons of crafts, recipes, days out that we can’t do through the rest of the year.

Here Are Some Of Our Favourite Outdoor Activities For Autumn

Berry picking, willow wreath and geocaching are great outdoor activities for autumn.

Berry Picking

As autumn rolls around there is no better way to get out than to grab a container and pop out to pick berries.

There’s so many edible berries growing in the woodlands, hedgerows and they could even be hiding at the bottom of your garden.

Blackberries, autumn raspberries, hawthorn berries, rowan, elderberries, and rosehips are all edible.

Not just that, they are completely delicious, cost lots to buy on shops IF you can find them and they are just sitting there, FREE!

Have a look at our berry picking guide to find out more.

Make An Autumn Wreath

We love this time of year as you probably guessed.

The first thing we do as autumn gets closer is look for beautiful coloured leaves, conkers, pinecones and other autumnal treasures to make our autumn wreath to pop on the front door.

Making a willow wreath is great for autumn

You can preserve your autumn leaves using wax like this over on Creativehomemaking.com. This helps to keep the amazing array of colours bright and clear.

We usually make a sturdy cardboard ring as a base, wrap it in some autumnal coloured ribbon, (I love using a dusky purple) then sticking on our leaves, pinecones, conkers and whatever else we find.

This year however, we used our own home-grown willow stems to make a willow wreath.

We got carried away and make a little and large wreath which will become a snowman near Christmas. CC made a heart shaped one (that’ll be rabbit ears with the snowman shape for Easter)

Anyywaaaaayy, we are also making paper flowers this year like these ones over on Hairsoutofplace.com. stunning!

Geocaching Is One Of Our Outdoor Activities For Autumn That Everyone Seems To Love

You can geocache all year round but its particularly fun in autumn. The bundles of leaves all around makes for some fun searches.

Geocaching is a fun outdoor activity to try in autumn
App for kids

I am forever thankful we discovered geocaching. Its like a giant treasure hunt with mini treasure hidden all over the world.

They are literally everywhere and you find them using the GPS on your phone.

Fun activities for autumn to try

Plant Bulbs

Lots of our spring bulbs need to be planted in Autumn.

Teach your kids about different kinds of bulbs.

Any gardening store or supermarket will be full to bursting of different varieties and types of beautiful flowers for next spring.

What would spring be without a swathe of yellow daffodils and crocuses?

So grab a bag and find a pot or corner of your garden and let your kids spend some time outdoors planting then.

They don’t need anything else just plant them deeply (twice the depth of the bulb.)
They come with everything they need built into the bulb so you cant fail to have a gorgeous display next spring.

Bark rubbing for outdoor fun

Bark Rubbing

This is a super easy activity for all ages. Simply take some paper and a few crayons out on a walk and rub over all the different textures you find.

You can then use these patterns to make an autumn collage. Cut out lots of autumn leaf shapes etc.

Star Gazing Is Another Of Our Favourite Outdoor Activities For Autumn

The sky is growing darker earlier and the skys are full of wonderful things waiting to be explored.

If your like me and all those twinkling lights in the sky look like stars you need this app ‘Star walk 2’

It is truly amazing!

It is so accurate in showing you exactly what stars are infront of you and the graphics are gorgeous.

I have the free version but you can pay to upgrade for 3d images etc but we haven’t felt the need yet.

We love to lie out on the lawn and watch the stars on a clear night. The star walk 2 app is fantastic for learning the constellations, satellites and planets.

No, i’m not an affiliate for this app I just LOVE it!!

It’s very accurate and has more information on each feature in the sky if you click on it.

So get some cocoa on and a snuggly blanket and pop outdoors on a clear night and make magical memories.

Planning your garden for next year is a great

Start Planning Your Garden For Next Year

I LOVE this time of year for lots of reasons.

One of them is the slower pace out in the garden. The change to reflect on what we did well this year and changes we need to make for next.

From now until January we take our time, check out new seeds and plants we can grow and plan plan plan.

The kids make collages of all the fruits, flowers and vegetables they want to grow in pots as well as our family plot.

We try to find something new to try each year. This year it was purple and white sunflowers.

I can’t remember the name but the were completely cobbled by the snails when my back was turned.

So hopefully next year will be better

Start Collecting Leaves For Leaf Mould

Throwing leaves is a great autumn activity. Kids love to jump into them too.

There’s leaves everywhere in autumn and I love seeing the ground coated with them and my toddler squealing as he kicks his way through them.

But if you put a little effort in you can transform them into a magical leaf mould for your plants.

It’s super easy to make- just pop a load of leaves in a black bag with air holes, leave it for around a year to decompose then use it to top dress any plants.

It helps to keep the soil light and it will retain moisture better. This is great for a pot on the patio or a full sized allotment.

Free plant food !!! Don’t mind if we do…the kids will love kicking and scooping them all up for you too.

My son collects the leaves from our elderly neighbours gardens and earns himself some pocket change so it’s a win win.

Plant garlic cloves in autumn

Plant Garlic And Sweet Peas In Toilet Roll Tubes.

There is still a lot you can grow over winter and a few seeds that even prefer to be grown now.

Sweet peas are great plants to grow with your kids as they have a large seed which is easy for kids to handle.

We sow ours in October straight into toilet roll tubes, then pop them outdoors into a sheltered area so by Spring they have grow green strong stems.

how to grow sweetpeas with kids

Garlic can be planted in September to October.

Each clove is sown separately and will turn into a whole new bulb.

Garlic needs a good cold snap to separate into different cloves so planting in Autumn is key to a great garlic bulb.

Make A Bird Feeder

Making bird feeders is a fun activity for kids.
They can be super simple.

  • Just collect a few pinecones next time your out for a walk.
  • Roll them in peanut butter or lard
  • Then in some bird seed.
Making various bird treats for autumn.

Hang up in your garden and enjoy watching your feathered friends.

Plant A Patio Fruit Tree.

There’s nothing better than picking a home-grown fresh apple or a sun ripened strawberry so why not invest in some amazing patio fruit?

Check out this post for a lot more detail on growing patio fruit trees.

Divided pictures showing different fruits that can be grown on the patio. Cherry, apples, peach and plums

Paint Some Rocks

Such a simple one this… literally paint rocks.

Now you cant go taking rocks from the beach etc. but you can take them from your own garden.

Find a nice shaped rock and paint it with acrylic paint, once dry simple varnish and decorate your garden with them.

Pet rock garden craft

You could even use glow in the dark paint.

Grow Windowsill Herbs

Take some cuttings from your garden herbs to grow indoors over the winter and keep them useful.

This is an easy task for kids to try.
Simple take a long growth from the plant around 10 cm
• remove any lower growth leaving only a few leaves at the top.
• Then snip the stem just under a point where a leaf was growing as this is where the growing hormone is stronger

You could also buy some potted herbs from the supermarket and grow them In a window box.

Herbs on the windowsill

Go Apple Picking, Try Some New Autumn Recipes

Ah this is a mist for us each year, apples grow everywhere each year and we love nothing more that a walk around collecting the best of them.

Its a lovely family activity that we all look forward every year.

Foraging for apples.

We have so many amazing recipes for apples that we make each year including jams, cordial pastries, cakes……..and on and on.

Give it a try, take a walk around the hedgerows and trees in your area maybe you’ll find some trees.

Want A Few More Outdoor Activities For Autumn??

Catch a spider web

With the mornings growing cooler, there is a gentle haze each morning that clings to the dainty spider webs like little jewels. Why not try to catch one? Check this out for information on how.

Make And Hang Autumn Leaf Sun Catcher

to make the most of the low rays of autumn sun. Check out this post to see how to get started on this simple craft.

Pony bead suncatchers

Go Conker Hunting, A Must Do On Our List Of Outdoor Activities For Autumn.

Conker hunting is another favourite activity. We know of a grove of mature trees that are full to bursting with conkers. Also known as horse chestnut tree.

Each autumn we collect them up, grow a few, play with a few then make countless crafts with the rest. Like this one below. Wool and conker spider web.

Weaving fun with conkers this autumn

Make conker webs like this using cocktail sticks and a conker.

Wrap wool or thread in and out the sticks until you fill the web.

Collect Leaves, Pinecones Acorns Etc. Get Your Craft On.

There are so many crafts you can do with simple autumn collections. Make a point to find a autumn craft and try something new.

This pretty craft below was so simple to put together but very pretty.

pinecone crafts for autumn

Bake Autumn Leaf Coloured Cookies

These leaf coloured cookies are amazing, this is a new activity were going to try this year so I will keep you posted but don’t they look cute?

Have a look over at LandOLakes.com for the recipe .yum!

Collect Some Tree Seeds

Collecting seeds like acorns, conkers, ash keys, hawthorn seeds etc. Can be fun, however, please make children aware this activity MUST BE done with an adult. Some berries can make you ill so only eat a berry when your with an adult who knows what they are.

Take the berries home and follow these steps to grow a new tree.

Most seeds need a really cold temperate to ignite them intk growth. I like to pop the cleaned and de-fruited seeds or pips into a small food pot and pop in the freezer for 6 weeks.

This simulates winter temperatures. Then pot up the seeds/ pips into a pot of compost and pop outdoors in a protected area.

By next spring you should see timy tree seedlings popping up around the pot.

Just think, what your kids start today could potentially still be standing strong in 500 years time. Their kids will swing from the branches, have a picnic beneath it or eat fruit from it in years to come

Planting trees is such an important thing to do. Get in the habit of growing a few each autumn.

Attract wildlife with kids

Plant them somewhere that needs them and spend your life watching them grow.

Go Fly A Kite Is Last Of Our Outdoor Activities For Autumn.

This one is so easy, everyone knows how to fly a kite. So make some time and go for it. This is our favourite kite of all time!!

Flying a rainbow kite-outdoor-activities-for-autumn/‎

Learn To Grow Some kitchen Scraps

Grow your scraps on your windowsill and keep growing tasty food you can add to your plate all autumn and winter.

This post has a ton of examples to get you started on growing fresh free food from your scraps and left overs.

So there you are 22 wonderful activities to get you out and moving this fall.

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