Are You Fed Up?

Are you fed up talking to the back of your kids head?


Do you wish your kids would take their eyes off the screen to look at you for 5 seconds?


Wish you could think of fun activities to do to get them outdoors having fun with you?


Well then let us help. We have created this pack of cards to make sure your NEVER stuck for an idea again!



These cards are perfect for you!



- Less arguments over screen time.

- Spending time outdoors exploring nature with your kids.

- Having fantastic ideas to hand for any situation so your never lost for a reason to get outdoors?


Getting outdoors with your family is so important for you and your children.

It provides a screen-free  stimulating enviroment to help your psychological, emotional, mental and physical well being.

So, What Are These Cards??
This pack makes up 52 individual cards you can cut out and keep (This way you have them to hand ANYWHERE you go!)
I even laminated a pack to keep in the car, just incase!
Each card contains an easy but fun activity you can do together, outdoors as a family. You can...
- Pick whatever one takes your fancy, there's no order here.
- Why not try more than one, it's up to you. You can complete each card over and over (and over and over...)
- Become the 'FUN' mum all the kids want to spend time with.
Each card has a different activity on it based around the outdoors.
Activities focus on nature, wildlife and enjoying the seasons in all their glory and don't require any major set up or equiptment.
So, get yourself a pack of these fantastic cards and start getting out there with your kids!

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