7 Essential Tools To Get You Gardening With Kids

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7 Essential Tools To Get You Gardening With Kids

Gardening with kids can be so rewarding as well as so much fun. It can be a wonderful learning tool and an exciting way for kids to express themselves and use their imaginations.

It’s important however, you don’t have too much direction here. Let your kids experiment with it themselves. Somethings will work somethings won’t. Help if asked but try to discuss the problem and gently push your child to finding a solution themselves instead of you stepping in.

I have put together a list of tools and equipment that will make sure your kids have everything they need to get off to a good start.

Tools and Gardening with kids

Giving them appropriate sized tools and equipment helps to reinforce that sense of responsibility and ownership. They don’t have to struggle using your bigger tools or consistently ask for help from you to complete a task. They will feel in control of their own mini world.

Where Do You Start?..

The easiest way is to give them their own patch or pot to look after even better! Let them have full control and responsibility over this area. Encourage and suggest ideas but don’t be tempted to instruct and interfere. This is their patch to experiment with.

If you are weeding or planting up an area give them a few spare plants or seeds to try if they want them. Nothing will turn your child off to gardening quicker than you interfering, criticizing or telling them what to do.

So, to start;

  • Let them plan what they want to plant. Get out the gardening books or a free seed catalogue and let them flick through for some ideas.

  • Take them to buy the seed or small plants, you could even incorporateĀ money learning here. Cost, counting out the pennies, paying and getting change etc.


  • Encourage reading the packet and following instructions. They’ll need to know planting time, depth, water instructions and where the plants prefer to be. (sunny windowsill, in a shady area or somewhere out of the wind..)


  • Let them fill the pot with soil or dig over the earth you’ve given them. Maybe sprinkle a little organic all-purpose fertilizer like Blood Fish and Bone.


  • Let them plant their seeds or plants in their chosen spot. Using their own tools.

  • Encourage kids to use their tablets etc to find out more about their chosen plants. Maybe search for a gardening craft you can do together like plant labels or painted rocks to brighten up their area. Why not record it all in a nature diary.

  • Maybe turn their chosen area into a fairy glen or a dinosaur forest. My CI calls an area of my garden her fairy glen. It is just 4 large shrubs that have grown together to make a sheltered area between them so she has hung little solar lights here and made all sorts of crafts like mini cement mushrooms and her toy fairies. Suncatchers and plastic spoon flowers. It’s a wonderful little fairy glen where she painted a large flat stone she uses as a seat to sit in and read. Imagination is a powerful thing especially in the garden.

Here’s a list of 7 Essential Tools To Get You Gardening With Kids

Have fun with it. Whether it is a pot, a plot or a windowsill. Enjoy it!


Children’s Gardening Tools Kit – Blue

This is such a cute set for kids. Their own hand tools to start them off and a handy bag to keep them in. This helps to encourage safety and helps kids to put tools away after use.

Rolly Toys 271801 Metal wheelbarrow (Green)

A life saver. My kids spend hours running up and down with their barrows. And twig that needs to be ferried to the compost heap, pots that need rounded up or even just giving each other rides up and down the path it’s all great fun.

Gruffalo Gardening Gloves by Briers

These gloves are cute for little ones. Not terrible hard-wearing but the rubbery tips helped my CI pull up weeds and not get jagged so I guess they’re a winner.

Regatta Girl’s Splosh III Overtrousers – Peony, Size 36 – 48

A splash suit like this one is essential in my book. Nothing will spoil the fun quicker than you having a fit about the kids getting muddy and wet. I speak from experience!!

Zone – Classic Green Welly – Kids size 11 to Adult size 6 – Size 1 UK – Green

The garden can be a dangerous place with tools lying around so a sturdy pair of boots is essential. Try to buy a good pair of gardening boots and not character wellies as I find they fall to pieces in the garden.

Young Gardener childrens Yellow Watering Can

Depending on the ages of your kids, there are different sizes of watering cans. Try not to over fill the can either as little ones will struggle.

Ezy-Aid HSE Compliant Home, Travel and Workplace First Aid Kit for 1 – 10 Persons

This is an essential when you have kids. Better safe than sorry. A quick plaster or wet wipe can make the different between all out melt down and a quick pit stop.


So there you go, 7 essential tools to get you started. What will you grow first? Don’t forget to pin this for later


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