A Fantastic Spring Recycling Craft

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A Fantastic Spring Recycling Craft – A Bizzy Buzzy Bumble Bee

Each year we celebrate Earth Day. It’s a day designed to help us look at ways to reduce our waste, especially plastics and recycle our un-wanted items and reuse what we can. All to remind us of how we can help keep our wonderful planet healthy.
This year a big focus is on plastic.

“From poisoning and injuring marine life to disrupting human hormones, from littering our beaches and landscapes to clogging our waste streams and landfills, the exponential growth of plastics is now threatening the survival of our planet.In response, Earth Day 2018 is dedicated to providing the information and 

inspiration needed to fundamentally change human attitude and behavior about plastics.”
– Earthday.org
To Celebrate Earth Day this weekend, the kids wanted to do some junk modeling.
We gathered together some supplies and set about reusing our junk to make something new for the garden.
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Some of the materials we used are;

  • Empty and clean plastic bottles
  • Some gaffa tape, cellotape or a hot glue gun
  • Some permanent markers
  • A plastic milk bottle
  • A ball of string
  • Different coloured plastic bags
  •  A black plastic food tray.
  • Some wooden lolly sticks (we coloured in black)

What we did..

1. Take a clean soda bottle and decide on what bug you want to make.
2. Cut out the wings from the white milk bottle plastic.

A fantastic spring recycling craft for kids

3. Colour the wings in however you like. One of my little ones made a rainbow on each wing. You could use glitter glue or coloured cellophane
4. Tie string around the middle of your bottle so you can hang it up. You could also make a hole underneath  and push a bamboo stick into it so your bug can hover among your plants.
5. Next colour or pattern the bottle body of your bug. Stripes for a bee or caterpillar, spots for a ladybug, or swirls of colour for a butterfly.
 A fantastic spring recycling craft for kids
6. Using your black plastic food tray, cut out eyes, nose, antennae,  legs etc whatever your bug needs.
7. Attach your black bits to your bottle with a hot glue gun or cellotape.
8. Attach your wings using a glue gun. Or you could carefully cut a slot for your wings to slot into and secure with some tape.
9. We attached a section of plastic bag at the back of our bee to act as a fluffy bum with a pointed sting.
10. Lastly we then attached some googly eyes to finish off our bug.
A fantastic spring recycling craft for kids
So there you have our quick and simple recycling craft. We reused and recycled our waste into something pretty for our garden. We made bees but what will you make??
Let us see what you come up with by dropping a comment below.
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Spring Recycling craft

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