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Each year we take part in the Royal Sociaty for the Protection of Birds annual garden bird count and this year it is being held between the 27th and the 29th of January 2018.

The RSPB send out free packs each year to those who apply. I always order a pack and we plan a big selection of bird food and treats.

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Birds are very wary animals and might not try a new bird feeder for a few days after you put it out, so we try to set our new feeders up at least 3 days before we are going to do our count to get the birds used to them. That way they know we have got extra tasty treats on offer in our feeders.

This post here gives you a few ideas of easy feeders you can make with the kids. We’re also buying this one here as we dont have a plain seed feeder.

24 Family Friendly Advent Activities
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I’ve also bought 3 new nest boxes. Just like this one.

Chapelwood Wild Bird Classic Nest Box

and I am hoping that once we attract all our feathered friends to the garden, they might want to hang around for a bit.

We have a few starlings that nest in our roof line each year and its wonderful to hear the baby chicks develop and see them emerge later on.

This year im so excited as i’ve invested in a small wildlife camera. We can watch the birds in their nest and watch the babies grow and become little birds. I’d love to see babies hatching…
Green Feathers Wireless Bird Box Camera with Night Vision, Wireless Receiver, 10m Extension Cable, 700TVL Video and Audio – Perfect for your Garden, Nest Boxes, Bird Houses, Green Camera, Wide Angle Lens, Audio, 940nm Infrared

I haven’t told the kids about this yet incase nothing nests in this box this year but im fizzing with excitement.

Another feeder we are thinking about buying is this window feeder. I’d love this as my mum has one and the birds sit right up next to her. Maybe next week i can slip it in my basket.SHHHH!!!!

Meripac Window Feeder

Spend 1 hour counting the birds you see in your garden.

We always get a bowl of snacks. Some hot chocolate with mini marshmallows. And we sit at out table which is next to my patio windows and we start counting the birds. It’s a great late afternoon activity when everyone is fading and need a little chill time after lunch.

The RSPB ask that we spend 1 hour watching the birds.  This allows them to make sure everyone is counting for the same period of time and then collect information on what animals are doing well in our current climate with the weather and local challenges and which animals aren’t doing so well. That way they can help to change things before any animal really starts to struggle.

We try to set ourselves up to play Bingo!

I made a chart with each of the birds we were to count on it. Then each time we see a bird we cover it with a counter. Whoever covers a full row we shout bingo. Its just a little bit of fun to help the little ones stay interested.

When were finished. We fill in the sheet with birds we counted as well as a few other animals the RSPB have started to monitor.

Then we send the form back to them and they collect information from all over the country.

It’s such a fun afternoon and we are helping the birds and wildlife as we enjoy ourselves. BONUS!

How do you help the birds in your area? Do you have a bird count or something you could join? Leave a comment and let me know!!!

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Children love feeding the birds and other wildlife


  1. Wow! Seems like a really neat activity to do with your kids and get them to appreciate nature, especially birds more. I wish I had done this when I was growing up. 🙂

    1. Thanks Krissy. The kids LOVE it. I find the birds avoid new feeser for a couple of days so i prefer putting them out early so the kids have something to count ha

    1. Hi Pilar. It really is wondeful to hear bird song isnt it. Chases the winter blues away. I bought the window feeder this week (from my post) and my 1 year old is sitting under the window facinated watching them eat and tweet. Also had to explain to my 6 year old that *no i didnt mean they were on twitter and tweeting ha * what a world

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