So, You Want To Start A Blog??

Do You Have Something To Share With The World But No Idea Where To Start??

Well don’t worry! Everything YOU need to know about getting started can be learned so easily.

Here’s what I did!

In 2017 I started a blog to keep my brain busy while I brought up my 3 kids.

I wanted something I could keep my business head working and I decided to blog.

With no clue what I was doing I started by taking the things I loved doing and sharing them with the wider community.

I had already tried to build a free website before using Weebly.com so how hard could this be????

Oh boy was it a huge learning curve!! I read every blog post and book I could find and tried out every idea I thought of and I just seemed to stand still.

I didn’t want to shell out a ton of cash on my website. I was barely covering my bills at home.

So, I tried to read everything I could find and hope that  I could learn all the little bits myself and build my own site.

All I resulted in doing was twisting myself up in knots and having a messy and hard to understand site.

Then I Found Suzi!!

Suzi is fun, friendly, down to earth and oh so knowledgable about blogging.

I emailed her after reading one of her posts and she replied!! She told me where I was going wrong on my site and gave me so much good advice I actually cried. !!!

She also recommended parts of her course Blog By Number might be of help to me. There was no sales pitch just information on what I needed and where to get it.

So, I signed up for her product The Free Blog Plan

I decided to start with her free plan to see how much information Suzi would give me and whether I liked her style of teaching.
Oh my word! within 2 days I was hooked! I had completed this course and was firmly onto the next.

I jumped with both feet into her signature course Blog By number! 

I was worried whether this would be for me. I had already started my site and the first few chapters were full of instructions and advice on setting up.

However after I read through the course, there was so much I could make better and improve on.

Simple tips i’d never thought of that made everything in my head click into place and finally make sense.

Suzi has updated this course maybe 3 times since I bought this course and each time she has added a huge chunks of new and updated information all for free to her existing students.

Last year my theme was out of date and when WordPress changed to a new page builder I remember saying to my self ‘what am I gonna do now’

Literally 2 days later, Suzi emails to say she’s just updated her course to include a whole new section to tell us how to go forward and how to amend my site so everything ticks forward.

I cannot express how much Suzi makes me feel like I know what i’m doing, giving me confidence and support.

It feels like there’s a friend who understands exactly what I need at each turn.

We are all on different paths, but if you need help starting a blog or you just need help perfecting your existing site.

And everytime I go into Suzi’s course she has updated it and added new nuggets of gold

Want My Advice??

JUMP JUMP JUMP with both feet and buy this course and get started. You won’t regret it, you wont look back and you wont have to struggle on alone again.

Who Is This Course For?

Suzi’s Blog by Number course is designed for moms who want to start a blog. (Nutshell)

Quick and easy tutorials and lots of videos are also included to help you write the best blog posts that convert, how to bring traffic to your site, how to make pins that people just have to click on and so much more.

so whatever stage you are at and whatever your struggles, this course WILL help you out.

Suzi gives you options from ways to do a task for free, the low cost options and the professional choice and the pro’s and con’s of each.

She will talk about her own courses and products that might help you grow more but she doesn’t try to sell them. She simply tells you where to find what you need when you are ready for them.

As a mum, I don’t have a lot of time to sit and trawl through loads of information and Suzi gets that!

 She has 3 adorable little ones and has the same struggles I have as a mum and it’s so good to know that success is possible even amongst the chaos!

She breaks each step down into small managable chunks that you can work through at your own pace and makes you feel like you can achieve anything. Making learning so simple with lots of videos to go through each point with you.

The Blog By Number course contains:

65+ step by step video tutorials that are quick and easy to follow.

How to Edit Your Pictures For Free

Find out how you can easily edit your pictures to pop and look beautiful. You do not need special equipment or programs to create a clean and beautiful blog.

500 Free Stock Images

To start a blog you need images! I’ve included 500+ of my favorite stock images for you to use right away.

Learn How To Make Money With A Blog.

You will learn how blogs make money. And by the end of the course your first post will be able to bring in money for you.
So, click the link below and find out more now.

And don’t worry if you change your mind. Suzi also offers a money back guarantee…

100% No Risk 

Stress Free Purchase

If you implement the steps in the course but have no success, you can request a refund within 30 days.

So what are you waiting for? Click the links above and check out Blog By Number with Suzi Whitford. You won’t regret signing up and letting her walk you through it step by step.