Who We Are?

Our Mission


Hi, I’m Gail Kennedy, mum of 3, Childminder and founder of Growing Healthy Kids.

I want to help you spend quality time outdoors with your family, growing healthy organic food and learning important life skills.

Anyone can be a gardener, with a little time, practise and know how.

Encouraging this life skill in your children, is a wonderful way to cut screen time, get outdoors and exercise more AND produce amazing healthy organic food tha’ts so expensive instores.

So, whether you’re gardening for exercise, to save money, to teach your kids a skill or just for pleasure, you’ll find exactly what you need right here.


REMEMBER!!  I would LOVE to hear from you! Check out my contact me page here to send me a message. I’d love to hear everything about how you garden with your family.

Do you need help? Can you give me some tips?? Let’s do this together and change the world one seed at a time!!

Vegetable gardening

Extraordinary Experiences

Running a home day care helps me refine the way I teach children gardening. We have sown, grown and eaten huge amounts of our own food and we have seen the benefits for all. 

I see on a daily basis the benefits of getting kids outdoors. The fresh air, exercise and nutrient rich food they grow really does give them the best chance in life. 

Learning to grow thier own vegetables, fruit and flowers also gives them an amazing sense of responsibity, eagerness to learn and grow more and and interest in the world around them. 

Full Of Fun Stuff

“Why try to and explain miracles to your kids, when you can just have them plant a garden” Robert Brault