6 Garden Themed Advent Calendar Ideas

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In a world where we all need to consider our actions a little more carefully, and try to reduce the footprint we leave on the earth. It suddenly seems silly to add to the plastic mountain by purchasing a ton of plastic based advent calendars.why not try these Advent calendar ideas?

So our plan this year is to buy something a little different and after wading through a lot of options, we discovered these fantastic gardening themed advent calendars.

6 Garden Themed Advent Calendar Ideas

These calendars are fabulous and i found it so hard to choose that I ended up buying one of each for our other family members. So, check these calendars out for yourselves below.

Remember to let us know what you think and if you have any other suggestions don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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Our Favourite Gardening Advent Calendar Ideas

Organic Seed Advent Calendar ideas 2021

This is a beautiful calendar was put together in Germany, it has 24 individual bags, filled with a packet of seeds and a profile card for each variety. The seeds range from brightly coloured annuals, long lived perennial flowers and simple wildlife blooms which will be perfect in a garden, pot or as cut flowers. There’s a few herb varieties popped in there too that offer beautiful flowers and medicinal benefits too.

All the seeds came with a guarantee that they are organic, and none are genetically modified varieties. They’re also all open polinated varieties so perfect for the wildlife in your garden too.

These varieties are wonderful to help improve your gardens biodiversity and are fantastic sources of nectar and pollen for the useful insects in your garden or patio such as bees, bumble bees, butterflies.

I was also pleased to find this calendar came with a hemp and beeswax string and 24 little wooden pegs to help hang your envelopes up from. There’s also a little instruction book that gives some good advice to help you grow your lovely seeds.

The positive credentials for this calendar don’t stop there as I was delighted to read that this calendar has;

  • been created with a German company called Retek which helps to create jobs for mentally ill and disabled people. We should all have some concept of the benefits of gardening and being outdoors for all our mental and physical health so to learn I’m supporting local initiatives by buying this calendar give me all kind of good feels.
  • Good food source for wildlife
  • Plasric free, perfect for us who are trying to reduce the plastic we buy.
  • This calendar promises a long flowering period, saying there should always be a plant in flower from Spring to late Autumn.

My Thoughts

I am very impressed with this calendar, it has lovely packaging and the eco credentials given me a warm hug. There’s so many good points to this calendar from helping mental health, plastic free, wildlife friendly that they really have thought of everything. I mean they have even used wooden staples!!

This calendar was given to my mother in law and she cannot wait to start opening those seeds.

Seeds Advent Calendar 2021

Whether you have a garden, plant pot or windowsill you can grow this wonderful selection of seeds. All GMO free heirloom vegetables and herbs varieties in little red envelopes that have detailed instructions for sowing and harvesting, as well as tips for cooking, such as sowing depth, germinating temperature and plant spacing.

This calendar also comes with some natural string and little wooden pegs to hang your seeds from.

And, I was surprised to learn that again, this is made in Germany and put together by a workshop of disabled people as well.

This is a simple but beautiful calendar and I’d definitely recommend it for any budding gardener. With its muted colours and high quality, it’s a fantastic gift for any gardener.

My thoughts

This calendar is a gem of a gift. My dad loves growing so I just had to buy this one for him. He will love finding the varieties everyday and sowing something different.

Gardening Gifts Advent Calendar 2021

Another fantastic calendar, this time all contained within a sack. All packaged in the UK.

All the seeds in this pack, are heirloom varieties of vegetables, herbs and salads, that are bred to be easy to grow in the UK.

The little packets of seeds in this set are guaranteed to be easy to sow and easy to grow, all year round. There’s instructions on each packet that’s easy enough for even kids to understand.

This calendar was destined for my 3 children, so it was essential to have easy to understand instructions, which this has. Although this set would do any gardener from beginner to expert alike.

The makers have also included a special grow guide full of sowing advice and gardening tips to help get you started in addition to the 24 seed varieties.

Deemed to be “the best vegan advent calendar of 2021“, these seeds are a fun blend of varieties. I really liked the good quality sack too, as it means there was no plastic in the calendar at all. So bonus points for being planet friendly.

My Thoughts

The calendar is beautifully presented in a tidy box which contains pegs and string to create a ‘line’ to hang the little envelopes from each day. When organised in a certain order they showcase a pattern of fruit and veg across the envelopes which again adds a lovely decorative surprise

Organic Seed Advent Calendar 2021

This calendar is one for more experienced growers in my book. It contains 24 prefilled packets of seeds with a more varied and rare seeds in this pack as the makers chose the theme of “Plant rarities from history” which means this calendar is said to have its full of “old vegetable varieties, fascinating herbs and beautiful flowers“.

  • This calendar contains a hemp and beeswax string,
  • 24 wooden clothing pegs
  • Information booklet with detailed sowing instructions in German and English, and contains helpful advice for successfully sowing your own plants.

A statement from the makers say “Ecological, plastic-free, sustainable, regional – brilliant! All our plant varieties help to improve biodiversity and are considered good nectar, pollen and feed plants for useful insects such as bees, bumble bees, butterflies and so on” so if it lives up to their hopes it would be a brilliant calendar indeed.

First impressions are certainly positive as its unusual but bright choice of colours are very pretty.

These varieties grow best in open ground but will grow happily in pots on the patio with some care.

Another company that works with Retek helping people with mental and physical disabilities.so this calendars credential keep growing.

My thoughts

This beautiful calendar and all its benefits was just too good to pass up so I actually bought this for myself. I love having something a little different and I’m already excited by growing something different this year. It’s not often I feel like a kid at Christmas with that flutter of excitement. Usually I’m running around helping santa make Christmas special for everyone else. But this year….eek!! Can’t wait!

Fill Your Own Advent Calendar ideas 2021:

This fill your own calendar contains 24 cute little drawstring jute bags that come with string and number stickers.

the bags are a mixture of red and gold and measure 10cmx 14cm. Each bag has a fun Christmas themed design that is fun and festive.

The set contains 4 metres of twine to hang your bags from using fun little wooden pegs included in the kit if you choose to use them

My Thoughts

I actually bought this set as little gift bags for our Christmas elves to bring to the kids each morning through December. They’re going to love them. Filled with everything from Christmas stickers to chocolate and festive games.

You do have to be careful about the amount you pop in the bags as they won’t hang up on the string if they are to heavy.

This is a fab reusable advent calendar idea for men, woman or children. You could put anything in these from nail polish to seeds and flower bulbs or even treasure hunt clues,

There are so many alternatives to our modern day plastic calendars filled with cheap chocolate that maybe it’s time to explore so new ideas? What would be your idea of an amazing advent calendar??

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Remember to comment below I’d you have tried these calendars.

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