All About Me

all about me

All about me? .. Well what to say..

Hi I’m Gail. I’m a wife, ‘Mum’ to 3 beautiful children and a childminder to another 6 great kids. (Home Day Care)

I love reading, walking my big fluffy dog and growing organic fruit and vegetables for our table.

Crafting with my children is also one of my favourite things to do, as well as, bake, crochet, and learn together -away from the TV.

My husband and I have been together for almost 12 years now!! OH my goodness! He’s my best friend and the only one i’d want to be on this journey through this life with.

As I said we’re blessed with 3 beautiful children. They get bigger everyday and i’m determined to make the best out of every minute with my babies and make memories while they’re young enough to want to.

Together they make my world complete!

We now spend our days looking for and inventing:-Outdoor gardening activities, gardening fun, crafting, and recipes to keep my giant ‘brood’ happy and outdoors as much as possible.

With the growing trend in technology, tablets, phones, laptops etc. It’s not easy to get kids outdoors, growing learning and having fun. Juggling it all around school, nursery pick-ups, sick days and other challenges that pop up as the kids get older, but I love it all and I hope you do too as i’d love to share it with you!

Remember to share your ideas too!! You can leave comments, or email me. I’d love to hear your views on my activities as well as inspiration for more.

So, come on in, put your feet up and stay a while.

Gail xox