Best Guilt Free Apps For Kids

Apps for kids, child in forest

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Apps for kids that are actually good for them?

Apps that us old parents can play with our kids AND encourage them to be outdoors more.

Pokemon screenn for apps for kids

Wait WHAT????

Yes that’s right, there are apps for kids you can be happy about them playing and NOT feel guilty about.

Let me guess, do you constantly get “Awww mum!! When you suggest an activity?

When all you really want is to spend some quality time with your kids.

YOU end up fighting with them, feeling like you’ve forced them into spending time with you.

If you’re like me you end up frustrated, feeling guilty and lost as to what to do.

Free apps for kids that don't need wifi and encourge outdoor play

Stop the screen time battles and check out these apps we use to get us out more and enjoy technology together.

It can be so hard to get kids outside and engaged with the real world outdoors, when their tablets, phones or consoles are on.

Now, i’m not saying these apps are all day everyday type activities. I am one of those mums that limit screen use to 1 hour a day- or there about, unless they need it for homework.

It’s a challenge though, especially as they get older. Constant battle of wills over apps and screen time.

Just me?? No, i’m sure your kids are the same?

The guilt factor is horrendous, should I give it to them, other kids get there phone 24/7? We can only do what we think is right as parents.

Best apps for kids pin image showing apps kids can hve fun with

Well, I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be one or the other!!

Well Sometimes.

There are apps that encourage kids to interact with the world around them, some are even designed for older kids too, which helps when trying to get them outdoors.

These are not affiliate links. I reccomend these apps to help you as we use them ourselves.

So, why not give some of these a go and inspire your kids to get out there a little bit more.

Five Guilt Free Apps To Get Your Kids Out

It took us a while to get into this one. Now, its a firm family favourite we pull our almost daily.

ED is so keen he pulls out his bike a takes off to find the ones further out.

Apps for kids, geocaching out in the woods

Basically this app is like a worldwide treasure hunt.

Just check the app and find a location you want to hunt for.

Follow the clue and GPS signal on your phone to that location.

There’s usually a small box or hidden container with a mini log book inside you can sign and a keepsake you can claim.

Geocache girl finding a cache of stuff

If you take something out you must replace it with a small trinket of your own. It’s a bit of fun for the kids really bit its lots of fun to see what’s there.

It tends to be a small trinket like a keyring, mini toy like a shopkin or a badge etc.

This app was huge when it first came out, and for good reason.

Every kid and most adults had it, you would see (and still do) kids standing in groups flicking their phone screen trying to catch a Pokémon.

Apps on phone include pokemon

It was the first game of its kind with new graphics and real life imagery.

To play Pokémon Go.
As you wander around town, play at the park or even take a bus you can keep an eye out for Pokémon appearing all around you.

Once you find them, you have to use your stack of poke balls virtually throw them at the Pokémon to catch them.

Pokemon screen shot for apps for kids

Once caught you can play with them, power them up or even evolve them into a different, stronger Pokémon.

It’s important to make sure your kids are staying safe and watching what’s happening around them.

This game is fab and I’ve been known to play it myself. But it does take a little money to top up poke balls etc.

You can train your Pokémon and make them stronger in virtual gyms where you can compete with others to see who’s Pokémon wins etc.

Give it a go!

Next In Our List Of Apps For Kids

Adventurous Kid

A great app for little ones based on nature for curious, creative and adventurous kids.

When kids spend quality time in nature, they can explore and learn from they experiences.

Wellies coveres in pretty flowers

It encourages them to be adventurous, open minded, curious, intelligent and nature loving kids.

The app states, “When you spend time in nature, listen to it, open all of your sensors and you will find how precious it is, you will find the peace and wonder”

Apps for kids, child in forest

And it’s so true, there is nothing more relaxing than hearing the wind in the trees or the birds chirping. You don’t have to get dirty and slog through acres of woodland either.

Being outdoors gives you relaxation as well as materials to learn with.

We’ve used pinecones, conkers and acorns to teach counting, we’ve painted them, crafted and so much more.

But if your not naturally comfortable in nature this app is for you.

It’ll give you ideas where to start from, but it is open ended so the simple suggestions can lead to something amazing.

You don’t need to take the app with you for this one.

Just check it for some ideas before you go and your all set.

Nature app activities to try with kids flower wellies

The suggestions on the app are grouped by seasons, weather and skills You want to develop. So easy to work out and the activities take no prep. So easy

Next App For Older Kids

Zombie run.

Now this IS NOT my cup of tea, but boy do my older kids love it.

Basically with this one, once you have installed the app. you listen to the missions transmitted while you walk and run getting fit as you listen to the story and actions.

Zombie run screenshot

It’s a good one for boring walks to the shop etc. as long as kids are still aware of their surroundings.

The app will play music and other sounds that will let you know when you’re “safe” or being chased by zombies.

The app will also give you additional missions that include getting supplies, rescuing digital people from zombie attacks, and much more!

If you need more fun ideas to get you out this Autumn, Check out this post for lots of fun ideas

Lastly In Our Guilt Free Apps For Kids

Star Walk 2

Whether your kids love space or not, this app is a great way to educate your kids about the sky.

It’s a great way to get kids outdoors too.

Star walk 2 screenshot of stars and fun constellations.

Just point your phone at the sky, and the app will tell you what the stars are that you can see.

We love to camp and when we go away, the sky is so huge and the campsite is so dark we feel like we are literally up there with the twinkling stars, so it’s amazing to be able to teach our kids what is up there looking back.

It’s an amazing way to bond with nature and out kids.

Some hot chocolate and a snuggly blanket and were good to go.

So find an app you love and get out there. You CAN enjoy technology with your kids. And be outdoors.

Star app for kids to help recognise the stars and constellations.

It’s brilliant ways to connect with them and make memories that will last forever.

Awesome tips and ideas for the best apps for kids to get outdoors  with these free games.

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