Gardening Projects

Gardening projects you can try as a family to make vegetable gardening more fun and learn so much.

Wildlife Garden Ideas To Try Today

Wildlife garden ideas and tips to try with kids.
Learn how to make a wildlife garden pond, a habitat for bees, lady bugs, backyard birds and wildlife. Simple ideas for providing habitats, food, shelter and protection like putting up nesting boxes or adding an insect hotel. There’s something to do whether its spring summer or Autumn

garden with your kids

Why you need to garden with your kids.

Wish you could get your kids away from their screens and get more fresh air? to eat healthier foods? Well it can be as simple as getting them out into the garden. First let’s look at why it’s a good idea. Why should you garden with your kids? Gardening and growing vegetables encourages kids to …

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An Easy Guide To Growing Strawberries

Would you love to pick your own organic strawberries in the summer ? To feed your family fresh nutrient fruit straight from the plant with no plastic in sight? Don’t waste any more time because NOW is the perfect time to get a fantastic crop of strawberries in the ground. So let’s dive straight in… …

An Easy Guide To Growing Strawberries Read More »


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