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There are two ways to become a fully fledged gardener.

Option 1. Do it alone?

 If you do it by yourself you’ll probably make a ton of mistakes – I did. 

Let me guess – you’ll probably waste time trying to grow seeds in the wrong soil. Spend months trying over and over until you get lucky.

If you don’t get lucky, you give in and completely waste a whole growing season.


Option 2. Take a proven shortcut that sets you up for success!

In less that 2 months you can be eating your own crops and reaping the rewards from your very own green thumb.

Taking this course will save you time, energy and money and give you the confidence to make your gardening dreams a reality.

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  • 13 self-paced modules ( which includes  37 lessons )
  • A full years calendar you can keep all the information you need in one place AND reuse it year after year! simply follow along with the To Do tasks and you can’t go wrong.
  • A goal planning worksheet to set out your hopes and dreams
  • A Garden Layout Plan. Where you can lay your ideas down on paper to the correct scale.
  • A 5 Year Crop Rotation Sheet, This gives you the vegetable families and how to rotate them to keep your ground healthy.
  • Companion Planting Chart. A sheet which gives you a basic understanding of what plants can be planted together to help each plant grow better.
  • A Growing Record. This one is very useful as you progress through the year. Fill in what vegetables your growing, when to sow and harvest and all other information relevant to growing this plant well. When to feed it for example and with what, so you have a log of what to do and  when instead of having to look it up every time.
  • A Vegetable Sowing Calendar. This chart gives you the normal sowing times for these vegetable seeds in the uk. It also gives you the approximate harvesting time so you can plan ahead in your 12 month calendar.
  • Compost Making Sheet. This one will help you know what items to compost to make fertile soil for your plants. It also helps you work out what not to compost
  • Mistakes To Avoid. We all make mistakes and we will make tons more but this sheet should get you started without making too many to begin with but remember gardening is a lot of trial and error. So try to see ‘mistakes’ as learning opportunities!
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By the end of the course, you’ll have a solid foundation, a new skill set and the tools and steps you need to achieve all your goals.

And it’ll give you everything you need to set up a successful vegetable garden that will provide you with a love of gardening, a bounty of fruit vegetables and flowers for all your family.

No more reading a ton of books, signing up to free eBooks and email courses trying to piece together how to get it right.

Whether its a pot or a plot and discover the tools and skills you need to get it right the first time.

Taking this course will save you money-How?

  • No buying seedlings over and over to try again
  • No trawling the supermarket looking for organic vegetables and fruit to feed your family and paying through the nose
  • No buying book after book trying to develope a green thumb.

All you need is one course – ahem, this one – to learn how to set up your vegetable garden whether its a pot or a plot and discover the tools and skills you need to get it right the first time.

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