Easy ways to relieve stress for busy mums

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If I was to ask you how stressed you feel right now, what would your answer be??

If you have any children at home I can bet the answer is “very stressed”. Our little darlings are amazing but boy do they help our hair turn grey!

There is always something to do, tick one job off the list and add 10 more while your there, sound familiar??

Gardening can reduce stress
It’s never ending!!

If your like me, you used to be on top of things, you could walk out of the house without a care and do whatever you wanted, but now it’s on your shoulders to get your little humans organised with a variety of clubs, playdates school and days out.

As well as, clean house (over and over again) cook enough food to feed an army in the hope something might please them basically get your PA hat on for these little superstars.

There is so much to do that the guilty feeling of not being good enough starts to creep in.

It can be exhausting!!

allotment tips

But it is also amazing to watch your mini human grow from a tiny seed and ‘bloom’ into a good human being and knowing you did that!!

As hard as the journey is, it is all worth it. Every sleepless night, every meal not eaten, every stressful situation.

All worth it.

But getting through it can be a challenge!

Gardening Can Offer Stress Relief For Busy Mums

If you do feel that your stress taking over right now, take a step back and check out this list of ways to get out with your kids.

Gardening and getting outdoors have been proven to help your stress levels allowing you to reset and calm yourself down so you can get through your day more easily.

Don’t Know How To Garden???
Click here for a step by step guide

Now I know your thinking “I don’t have time for that!” But getting the kids out into a different environment will engage them in something new for just long enough to let you clear your head.

Simply changing from one environment to another can help your mood and settle kids down and getting outside can mean you’ll reconnect with them in a way that doesn’t involve a chorus of ‘mum mum mum’

Giving you time to breathe and get out of your 4 walls to remind yourself there is more to life than your ‘To do’ list and the never ending guilty feeling.

Get out with your kids for easy stress relief

Fun stress relieving activities in the garden?

You don’t have to go too far to find some fun, your own garden can provide hours of fun.

Grow something

Gardening clearly has a positive impact on stress as well as mood, so why not try grow something new?

Why not try growing;

Unusual vegetables to grow with kids post has some unusual ideas too.

Try some pretty flowers to cut for a vase, then help the children to draw or paint the flowers.

Growing something can help with stress relief.

Some flowers attract wildlife so you could set up a corner to attract wildlife and birds into your backyard.
Gardening for wildlife with your kids post has some great ideas

Plants to inspire children
Growing plants is an easy way to let your kids experience a sense of achievement in having grown something from a tiny seed.

• Sensory plants to play with include poppy seed heads, furry ‘lambs ear’ or smelly herb plants like mint and lemon balm.
• Quick and tasty edible plants include Chard, radish, lettuce and courgette.
• Edible flowers to try include peppery asturtium

There’s so much to look at when growing plants, leaf-shapes, colours, and size

You could take out your frustrations on the day by trying out some Hapa Zome!!

No garden? Remember You can garden indoors too!
Gardens do not have to be big in order to be useful. There is so much you can grow in a window box, in a pot on a patio or even indoors on a windowsill.

Check out how to make a beautiful garden by regrowing your scraps

Other activities to get you out to de-stress

Gardening crafts for kids

Spending time outdoors can be fun in different ways.

Planning some crafts and activities in the garden can help keep your kids entertained while to find stress relief. Heres tips and ideas to get you started.

Why not bring craft time outdoors? Paint a giant sheet of paper with your feet, make some crafts or lay on the grass and make shapes in the clouds

Try these 12 garden crafts for kids to get you started

Being a mum can be overwhelming and sometimes you need to find stress relief and calm. Activities or hobbies like walking, geocaching of gardening and geocaching can give you a break.


For me, walking is the fastest and easiest way to connect with nature. The outdoors is filled with adventures for your kids.

We have a dog that has to be walked regularly so it gives us a good excuse to investigate our local area. Were lucky enough to live in a place surrounded in green spaces like parks, woods, and farmland.

Here’s a list of things to try outdoors.

• Explore a wildlife Centre.
• Climb a tree
• Build a wigwam
• Set up a tent and have a camping day in your garden.
• Splash in a stream
• Go pond dipping
• Have a colour treasure hunt
• Go to a local park and let off steam
• Explore the beach, paint shells, dig holes etc.
• Hunt for painted rocks
• stay up late and star gaze in your garden

Outdoor activities like gardening, walking and crafts can help stress relief. Tips and ideas of what to try with your kids

Try Geocaching

As a family we love geocaching. Its only been in the last few years we have discovered it but we’re hooked.
It’s basically a walking treasure hunt activity enjoyed by people all around the world.

Download an app on your phone and pack a picnic and your good to go.

All you need is a phone and some good waterproofs and wellies.

You just check the app and find a cache close to where you are and hit the ‘Navigate’ button and follow the GPS signal and coordinates to find tour treasure.

Usually in the location, you have a mini log book to sign and a few mini toys you can swap out for something else.

We keep a collection of mini keyrings and toys that the kids can swap in my handbag so we are never short.

Gardening and outdoor activities are simple ways to find stress relief and space to find calm in the business of being a mum

Nature Activities are great for stress relief

Connecting with nature is an important way to relax and find stress relief.

There are lots of simple activities you can do that will entertain the kids and give you time to reconnect with the natural world and feel less overwhelmed.

Everything from collecting autumn leaves to playing in mud counts on the journey to nature connection and outdoor adventure.

(Your going to need to put another load in your washing machine so may as well enjoy yourself first)

Gardening can be a simple solution to finding some stress relief. Being a mum can be crazy busy so here is simple ideas to help you find peace again.

Here is a quick list of some activities we enjoy when I need to get out and find some easy stress relief.

  • We grow lots of fruit and vegetables and in summer the kids love to run out and harvest and eat lots of goodies.
  • We go for a walk and pick some different shaped leaves and flowers then when we get home we bring out some paper and paints and sitting in the garden, we paint the leaves and stamp them onto the paper, use the flowers to dip in paint and use as paint brushes
  • Go for a colour scavenger hunt or give the kids a list of things you want them to find. It focuses their attention off you for a minute and allows you time to breath.
  • In Autumn, we love collecting beautiful coloured leaves, conkers, pinecones and making mobiles to display them.
  • Take any craft outdoors and it instantly becomes fun again. We love to unroll a giant sheet of wall paper and paint it with our feet. The kids will spend hours doing this.
  • Set up a tent in the garden, throw in some covers and cushions. Kids will play for hours, and they usually ask to have lunch and snack out there too.
Using Gardening and outdoor activities are simple ways to find stress relief and space to find calm in the business of being  mum

So there you are. It’s time to get inspired to get the family outdoors for some bonding and stress relief.

Being out and connecting with nature is so important for all our health so plan some fun activities and get out there.

Find an activity, get out and enjoy being a mum again!!

I’d love to know what you do outdoors to relax??

Remember to pin this for later !!

Using Gardening and outdoor activities as a way to find simple ways to find stress relief and space to find calm in the business of being  mum
Stress relief for mums is important activity ro find. Being mum can be so stressful so finding tips and ideas on how to manage that stress is vital. Try these ideas to get outdoors in your backyards and easy the stress away.

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