Super Easy DIY Christmas Wreath

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Wreaths are a beautiful way to decorate your front door or even your walls; they last for months and look amazing!

A stunning Christmas wreath is hands-down one of the most important parts of our Christmas prep.

Easy Christmas Wreath Making Guide. A Step by step tutorials with diy ideas to using fresh, natural supplies for beginners

This super easy DIY Christmas Wreath is the first thing we make in the run up to Christmas and it’s time to get started!

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What You Need To Make A Super Easy Diy Christmas Wreath

  • We’re using a 12 inch wire metal ring as a base.

We are using this one here, as it is simple but sturdy.

You can pick them up in more craft shops at this time of year.

Easy Christmas Wreath Making Guide. A Step by step tutorials with diy ideas to using fresh, natural supplies for beginners
A roll of floral wire
  • Sharp scissors/shears, like this one
  • 6 different types of greenery. Anything goes, but try to pick types of evergreen, like, Douglas fir, or pine, eucalyptus, ivy, juniper, holly, rosemary, herbs,
  • Ribbon or twine for hanging
  • Little pinecones, dogwood sticks or even seed heads work.
  • Small embellishments like mini baubles, candy canes, ribbons etc.

Here’s How To Make A Super Easy DIY Christmas Wreath.

Lay out your greens, grouping them by type.

I like to go for a long walk with the kids and our fluffy dog and search out ‘ingredients’ for our wreaths.

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We make it different every year and it’s good fun to experiment.

We try to find foliage with different colours, tones, texture in their leaves etc.

Use some broad flat leaved plants with spires of dainty leaves etc.

For this super easy diy Christmas Wreath we used;

  • Pine
  • Llyandii
  • Heather
  • Juniper
  • Holly
  • Ivy

To begin, we place everything in separate piles on our table outdoors.

If your going to do this inside please cover everything with newspaper or something.

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Making a wreath can be a little messy and the sap from some of the plants is super sticky and you will be chiselling it off for ages!

I like to go through the foliage we gathered and with a sharp pair of secateurs or scissors, just cut everything to the same size pieces.

I usually make them around 6 inches or 15cm.

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Then starting from the thickest foliage to the smallest make a ‘bundle’ of 6 different types of greenery. Try to mix the foliage through itself so you can see a bit of everything.

Begin Attaching Your Bundles—one by one—to your wire frame.

Attach your wire to your metal frame.
Then place the stem part on to your wreath and wrap with wire 3 times to secure it.

Next get another bundle and slightly overlap the wire from the last bunch.

Twist the wire around tightly.

Keep going with each bunch. Spin the wreath as you add on more bundles.This Easy Diy Christmas Wreath is meant to be fun so experiment with your textures and colours. If you try to make sure every second bundle is similar then the whoke wreath will look balanced.

To do the last bundle, place it on the ring as usual but slightly lift the very first bunch you put on and tuck the stem end underneath before wiring to the frame.

Stand Back And Take A Look At Your DIY Christmas Wreath

Once your wreath is complete, stand back and check for any gaps and adjust as needed.

I like to add a few pinecones, sparkly baubles, ribbon and a bow at this stage but you don’t need too.

TIP:- If you can’t find holly with berries you can buy small wired beads that you can wrap round your holly before adding to your bundle.

Now to hang it up, simply make a loop of wire. Secure it to the back of your wreath, or you can use ribbon to create a loop.
Hang and enjoy.

Why not make a table centrepiece or give as a gift to a neighbour??

Top Tips For Your Easy DIY Christmas Wreath

Try using dried flowers, fruit and herbs as this can make your wreath super long lasting.

When you begin layering, pay attention to covering the stems of each bunch. You want the finished wreath to look less twiggy, and more full and lush.

If you can find some, eucalyptus is a great plant to include. Stunning foliage and an amazing smell to boot.

Could you share your favourite winter craft with us? Comment below or drop us an email.

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