Quick and Easy Weather Activities for kids

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Easy Weather Activities- Perfect for kids when it’s horrible out there!

The UK was battered by ‘The Beast from the East’ this week (who comes up with these names?)

Snow, wind and generally rotten weather is forecast and the kids are distraught because they can’t play.

So, when i said ‘why not?’ They seemed a little confused.

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You may not be able to get outdoors, but you can still have fun in all weathers.


Don’t let rotten weather put you off having fun. Why not HAVE FUN WITH THE WEATHER!!


Here is my list of our favourite weather crafts and activities. So, no matter what the weather go and make the best of it!!

Easy weather activities for kids: rain


“I don’t care what the weather man says, cause the weather man says it’s raining”.

We made this fantastic weather chart from an idea we found on todayifeltcrafty It’s wonderful! It’s easy to make and will last for years.

The kids take it in turns to fill in the sections each morning and this then helps us plan our day and decided what we will do.

The kids enjoyed cutting out the individual shapes and the older kids helped me sew it all together.

We spent a good few hours on this and it’s ”sew” worth it. ha!




Then we took a trip to the library and searched through the weather books to find lots of fun activities to do. This one was our favourite! So much wonderful information and ideas.

Little Kids First Big Book of Weather (First Big Book)

Easy weather activities : Wind.

“I’ll Huff and puff and blow the house down!!

It was really windy to start with today, so we began our weather project looking at wind.

We started by making these wonderful bird kites from krototak.com. They are so simple and even work indoors if there is no wind.

We each made one and took them and our larger kite down to the play area.

Girl holding a finished rainbow kite up

The kids have also had this kite for a long time and I love it.

We’ve tried a lot of kites over the years and they have all ended up broken or twisted up.

This one never has and all 3 of my kids have used it every time the wind gets up. Great kite.

After some running and jumping around we finally managed to get the big kite to fly high in the sky.

I love this kite so much, here’s our full review of it here 

Everyone took it in turns to run around with the Anpro kite while the others played with their own bird kites, running around and chasing each other.

We had a few bumps and crashes but it was a wonderful morning, and I had some pretty tired kids as we made our way back for snack.


It was so wonderful to see the kids excited as they watched the kites swirl and swoop with the wind.

Eventually, we came home and had a lovely warm cup of milk and home-made cookies. Mmm!

We couldn’t get back out to fly the kite as the rain had started so we made do making these Rainbow Tube Blowers from this idea from kidscraftroom.com

“A wonderful Easy weather activity for kids”

We used coloured paper instead of tissue paper but they looked fab? The kids  made a few to hang near the window and the others to run around blowing each other with them.

This led to story time, so we read 3 little pigs so the wolf could huff and puff and BLOW the houses down.

The Three Little Pigs: Ladybird First Favourite Tales

In the afternoon the kids asked to make a wind-chime. We have beads everywhere so we found this idea on howtothisandthat to use them to make a beautiful wind-chime.

It really brightens up the kids area outdoors as it sways in the wind.


Quick and easy weather activity: Sunshine.

“The sun has got his hat on, hip, hip, hip, HOORAY”

We looked at the sun next. The bright spring days are slowly sneaking back and pushing the winter out-of-the-way (hopefully) so, we made some tissue paper sun catcher’s.

My youngest AJ loved sticking little tissue paper patches onto clear contact paper that I stuck to the window.

Once he covered the sticky side, with little coloured squares. we cut out a star shape  from an A4 pieces of coloured car and placed it over the tissue paper sheet.

When the spring light shines through the window, it shines through the patchwork star and lights up the room with a rainbow of colours.

To measure the sun we made simple crafty sundial.

  • Just take a round piece of card and cut a small hole in the centre.
  • Insert a straw into the hole and place it somewhere sunny.

This was a great craft to show the kids how the sun travels through the sky.

Summer pony bead garden craft

With the older kids we tried to made an amazing pony bead sun-catcher 

It’s fantastic and lights up the room when the sun shines.

We made it in the oven, all the doors and windows were open just incase but the effect is amazing,

“Rain rain, go away come again another day!” Easy and Quick weather activity for kids : Rain

Yip we couldn’t do a weather post without the rain! To begin with, we made a really easy rain Gauge using this idea from theimaginationtree.com It was so simple and quick to make that we made it and popped it out in the next shower that came.

The older kids had fun making a graph at the end of the week with the results from each days rain fall and my youngest AJ and a minded kid had lots of fun playing with the rain water and floating pompoms on the water.


We then looked at the water cycle and how rain is a good thing for us little old humans.

We made this lift the flap idea from teachwithme.com to look at the cycle of water. It was a great learning activity and good practice cutting and sticking too.

Weather fun for kids

The kids were really engaged and we had a wonderful chat about how the process works and how it is the same as a kettle etc.

We put the kettle on and saw how it made steam which rose, touched the ceiling and then made tiny water droplets on the ceiling.

 Easy Weather Activities for kids.Outdoors activities and crafts mean you can still have fun in sun, rain, wind etc. Dont let rotten weather put you off...

After a quick walk with the dog in the rain and puddle jumping the whole way. We took this one step further with a science experiment. We each got a jar and made our own rain clouds. We got the idea from tobyandroo.com

This is a fantastic experiment for kids of all ages as it’s a sensory messy activity for the younger ones but so educational too.

The kids wanted to make jar after jar of ‘clouds’ to see if they could make different colour combinations.


“Do you wanna build a snowman?” Snow Weather activities

Lastly, we looked at snow. Since we have so much of it forecasted we need some way to take advantage of it. Obviously the main activity for snow is sledging or building a snowman, have a scarf and hat on hand just incase.

Easy weather activities for kids

My eldest loves shoveling the snow these days and the others prefer snow ball fights.

We also found these great crafts to experience the snow.

Quick and easy weather activities for kids. Perfect for any back yard

Snow painting is a fantastic indoor activity just get a tray of snow and play all you like. then get the water colours out and colour in your creations.

Better yet put some watered down paint in squirty bottles and go outside and paint the snow in the garden.

Also in preparation for the snow i froze some coloured water in water balloons in the freezer and the kids had fun playing with these ice marbles. Just like this craft from growingajeweledrose

Snow marbles, weather activity for kids

Next, we took some toys outdoors to play in the snow and give us a different sensory experience.


We started with the Mr Potato family and the kids loved it. they built an igloo, a farm and a snowman,  everything for their snow family.

Easy weather crafts and activities for kids

So there you go! This is my any weather fun ideas for kids. What’s your favourite weather crafts?

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What will you be doing this week with the predicted horrid weather??

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 Easy Weather Activities for kids. Outdoors activities and crafts mean you can still have fun in sun, rain, wind etc. Dont let rotten weather put you off...

Have a great day!!

Easy weather activities for kids

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