Resources For Growing Healthy kids

All our favourite ways we can help you start an amazing garden with your kids, grow amazing food and develope a love of the outdoors that will last a life time 


Choosing the right gardening books for kids can give them a love of gardening that will last a lifetime.

Gardening Kits For Kids

A child size gardening kit can be a wonderful addition to your kids toy box.

Toys And Equiptment To Make Your Garden Fun!

Find the best tried and tested garden toys for your kids 

You don’t need a huge range of tools to garden with your kids. These are some of our must have favourites 

Wildlife Gardening Kits For Kids

Gardeing wildlife kits give you everything you need to make your garden wildlife friendly and teach your kids how to have fun in nature

Gardening Clothes For Kids

Must have gardening clothes that will make gardening with kids so much easier.

Gift Guides