Awesome Family Fun At Christmas

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Here’s our guide to having lots of family fun at Christmas including activities, crafts and gifts you can grow.

It still feels a little early for a Christmas post, but sometimes family fun takes a bit of planning. So, get your Cristmas head on and let’s look at how to have fun together over Christmas.

Let’s Start With Making Decorations Together As Family Fun This Christmas

Twig Trees.Take a walk in the woods and gather some pencil thick twigs for this craft.

You could use lolly sticks but I like the rustic feel better. 

Try This Pinecone Tree Gift For Some Garden Fun At Christmas

Simply gather some pinecones and paint them green and decorate however you like. Match it with a fun poem and you have a wonderful sentimental gift for a loved one.

Get out in the woods or your backyard and gather supplies to make your own wreath. A fun activities for winter

Find the full instructions here

Make A Wreath Together As Family Fun This Christmas

Making a beautiful Christmas Wreath looks super complicated and difficult, however, if you follow some simple instructions and give it a go it’s really easy to make your own.

Get the kids involved too by gathering foliage together on a fun winter walk and help make bundles of leaves to attach to your wreath base.

Find out how to make your own right here

Family Fun At Christmas Can Also Mean Growing Your Own Gifts

Seed Bombs

Seed bombs are so easy to make but can be a really useful and personal gift. Kids love to make these fun seed bombs so get your seeds and let them go for it.

Find full instructions here

You could also Make a seed box as a gift

Collect your left over seeds and dry them off. Let the kids make mini seed packet envelopes and give them together in a seed box gift.

Edible Gifts

 Before I mention the edibles I want to introduce my bible!

This Preserves book by Pam Corbin is amazing. As a novice it explains everything so well and has everything you’ll ever need to know to make amazing preserves, stores and gifts from your home grown goodies.

If growing and preserving is something you would like to try or even take further this book will show you the way. I’d really recommend it to anyone!


Homemade chutney’s are a delight. The flavour is far superior to any shop bought stuff and you can tailor your gift to the person to receive it. For example if you have someone who loves spicy food you can make it to their taste.

Some soothing lotion bars

Soothing and gentle this lotion can be made from your flavoured oilsThere are many medicinal plants that are wonderful for all sorts of complaints.

Why not make a range of products with health giving properties for someone you love?

  • Lip balm
  • Hand cream
  • Or soothing bath salts all make a lovely gift.

You can add dried rose petals or lavender to your bath salts too, as well as, a lot of other flowers, fruit and vegetable parts.

Make Flavoured Tea.

Dry and store in air-tight jars or little muslin bags to give away. Make a cute label and job done.

  • Mint
  • Cranberry
  • Raspberry
  • Lemon and lime
  • Lemon balm

There is so many combinations you can really suit your tea to the recipient. The list is endless!

To Have Family Fun At Christmas You Need These Crafts.

Homemade Snowman Candles

We made these last year as a cute Christmas gift from the kids.

Soy wax beans are melted in a small tin then poured into a mould with a wick.

After the candles are made we decorated the outside of the jars and Hey presto!

You can find all our instructions here

Family Fun At Christmas With Snowman And Santa Baubles

What could be easier than taking some plain baubles and a few permanent markers and making super cute baubles to grace any tree.

Super Cute Family Fun For christmas- Bead Ornaments

This is a fun activity and looks a lot harder than it is. We made lots of these last year and covered our tree with them. We also have some to neighbours as gifts and used them as gift tags for special people.

Full instructions are here

Christmas Crayons

A fun simple activity. Simply melting down old crayons into ice cube trays and make new festive crayons.

Find the instructions here

Make Salt Dough Ornaments.

We do this for Christmas each year, but it would be lovely to make a new ornament each year to celebrate the start of a New Year!

Try 3 new recipes.
A sweet challenge we try every year.

Buy some ingredients and see what you can come up with. There is a huge range of Christmas cookies out there so go give them a go.

Cookies can be frozen for later too so get ahead for santa coming.

Drink Hot Chocolate this Christmas to warm you to your toes! Don’t forget mini marshmallows.Yum!

Star Gaze on a clear night and find a constellation. We checked out this website for lots of wonderful information.

Lastly, the month of December fills with a frantic energy that’s wonderful, however, it is so important to make time to breath and relax, and to enjoy the season.

 The build up to Christmas can be manic with so much going on at once, wrapping, Christmas parties, days out, markets, visiting friends and family etc.

What better way to calm the kids, than to have a break from the madness and get outdoors in the crisp winter air?

Take a walk and look at the twinkly lights around your town. Have a game of christmas lights bingo on the way home or who can spot the best, or the biggest decoration?

Whatever you do this Christmas, remember to stop and enjoy your family and have an amazing Christmas season.

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