45 Fun Activities For Kids This Christmas

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45 Fun Activities For Kids This Christmas

The build up to Christmas can be manic with so much going on at once.
Wrapping, Christmas parties, days out, markets, visiting friends and family etc.
The month of December fills with a frantic energy that’s wonderful, however, it is so important to make time to breath and relax, and to enjoy the season.
If you need to calm the kids from all the excitement, what better way than to have a break from the madness and get outdoors in the crisp winter air?

Here’s a list of some fantastic ideas to help. You can download your own copy here!!


Fun activities to keep your kids entertained during the winter season
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Fantastic family activities. Crafts, activities and inspiration to get the kids out and active.

1. Drink Hot Chocolate this Christmas to warm you to your toes! Don’t forget mini marshmallows.Yum!

2. Star Gaze on a clear night and find a constellation. We checked out this website for lots of wonderful information.

3. Adopt A Tree and care for it throughout the year. Make some homemade bird feeders and decorate your tree for the birds and wildlife. Your could also string berries around the trees.

4. Build A Den. Try to build a wigwam in the woods or throw some covers over the table. Just make a cosy place to snuggle up.
Build a den in the woods this autumn with your kids. Get outdoors and enjoy these fun easy activities

5.Watch A Movie snuggled up together.

We love Arthur Christmas at the moment. You could also check out the cinema for festive films. The new Grinch Film looks wonderful. We love to read the book at bedtime.

6 Have A Snowball Fight (with cotton balls if you don’t have snow)

You can buy fake snow and snow spray to really make a snow day amazing.

Read a book is a blissful things in winter. Try these other fun activities for kids
7. Read A Novel together. Harry Potter, David Walliams or Roald Dahl books are a good start. Or these books by Anthony Horowitz that my son loves!!
8. Ski, Snowboard or SledgeThis is the one we have for all 3 kids and it’s fantastic and so fast, easy to store and keep clean.
Vegetable gardening
Spend time dreaming about what you could grow so your all organised when Spring comes.
Get your pot or plot ready now so you know What flowers, fruit or vegetables could you grow?
Buy seeds and make a plan.
Look out for more growing advice over the coming weeks but to help you get started before the growing season starts in Spring, you might want to read over
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Get out in the woods or your backyard and gather supplies to make your own wreath. A fun activities for winter

10. Make Your Own Christmas Wreaths

Collect some natural materials like holly, ivy, pine sprigs, pinecones etc to make a christmas wreath.

11. Have A Shopping Mall Treasure Hunt.

Who can find 3 red bags, 2 blue hats, or a  box with a red star or some wrapping paper etc.

Ready for the next 11  outdoor activities for kids this Festive Season???

12. Visit A Charity shop and have a challenge of who can but the best thing for the least money.
You could also see who can donate the most toys from unused items you have at home.
13. Take A Bus to somewhere new.
Find a town with a new park, pond, woods or another attraction to explore.
Fun in winter comes in all ways. Check these ideas out
14. Visit A Pet Store and learn how to look after your favourite animal.
Our pet store runs animal care sessions where you sit in a group and learn about the animals and pet the animals.
15. Take a walk and look at the twinkly lights around your town. Have a game of christmas lights bingo on the way.
Who can spot the best, or the biggest?
16. Visit A Toy Shop and see what’s new. If the kids are going to make loads of noise pushing buttons and trying out new toys they’d better do it out of your house.
Hopefully it’ll give Santa lots of ideas for gifts if he’s stuck?

 The next one is my favourite fall back activity for Winter !

Baking is a fantastic activity to keep kids happy and active. Try new recipes, crafts and activities this winter
17. Bake A Sweet Treat Together. Our next bake will be these amazing looking mincemeat muffins. What could you try?
18. Do something nice for a friend or neighbour,  run an errand, or make a craft.
We are baking some yummy goodies for our neighbours as well as making them a christmas wreath fo their doors.
19. Take a walk and collect some greenery from your garden and try out how to make your own garland for your fireplace.
20. Have A Trip Down Memory Lane and look through old Christmas photos.
We also love to spend some time re-watching home movies from Christmas’s when the kids were younger.

21. Have A Game Night with snacks.

My kids are just getting to a good age for Monopoly and older games.
There are lots of variations for younger kids.
It’s still almost Monopoly, but its been simplified for younger kids.
It’s such a good game but doesn’t take 5 hours to complete.
 22. Watch The Sun Rise and listen to the birds sing. We try to do this at least once a year. Just a stunning experience.
The kids love to watch the sun go down when we go up North too. The sky looks as though it’s on fire.

We’re half way, have you tried any of these fun outdoor activities with your kids yet??

23. Make Homemade Bread And Soup.

We love to use our winter stores we’ve grown to make some amazing soups. pumpkin is our favourite!
Try butternut squash and sweet potato or lentil soup.
Homemade soup is delicious on a frozen cold wintry Day.
Pair it with some melted cheese on toast and you have a winning combo to heat you up. Mmm!
24. Feed the birds.
Try making a winter buffet tree for the birds. Here’s a post to get you started.

25. Make Salt Dough Ornaments.

We do this for Christmas each year, but it would be lovely to make a new ornament each year to celebrate the New Year!
Fun activities to keep the kids entertained this Christmas
26. Make A Snow Globe Together. This kit was fantastic. It was so easy to put together.
27. Find Some Animal Tracks.
When its muddy or snowy outside just spend a little time in the woods and you’ll find lots of footprints from deer, seagulls, rabbits, squirrels etc.
You could take things one step further and creat a plaster cast of your footprints.
Building a snowman is a fab activity for winter. Have fun with these other ideas to make the winter fly by.
28. Build A Snowman. Use some pillows if you haven’t got snow, and build a snowman. You could even use marshmallows and cocktail sticks to create some fab snowmen.
Get your copy of outdoor activities to try this Christmas to get ideas for having fun this festive season.

29. Make A Stained Glass Window Picture

Use some tissue paper to cover the holes in a snowflake picture.
30. Have A Barbecue and toast marshmallows, heat sausages on a stick, or bake some potatoes while being outdoors. Remember to wrap up.

Last lot coming up!!

31. Try 3 new recipes.
Sweet or savoury. Buy some ingredients and see what you can come up with. There is a huge range of Christmas cookies out there so go give them a go.
Cookies can be frozen for later too so get ahead for santa coming.
32. Go Climb A Tree. Kids love it!
Or better yet plant a tree. Winter is a perfect time to plant most trees but especially fruit trees. Give it a go.
You could collect nuts, conkers, acorns etc and grow them in a pot too.

33. Feed The Squirrels.

We buy a big bag of monkey nuts (peanuts). They love them!
Other wildlife needs your help too over the winter, try leaving out bird seed, nuts and maybe some cat food for any hibernating hedgehogs or squirrels that wake for a snack.
34. Go for a walk around your neighbourhood or backyard.
Collect some materials to make this fun pine cone gift.

35. Make A Scrapbook or photo album of the year gone by.

Take some time and reminisce over all the fun you had in the year past and the Christmases gone use cards, pictures, ticket stubs etc to make a book full of memories.

 36. Go Ten Pin Bowling. Who will win? This is fun for all ages. With ramps and rails now for little ones there’s no excuse to miss out on good family fun.

37. Write And Perform A Puppet Show.

Use teddy’s if you don’t have puppets.
Encourage the kids to plan a plot line and decide what props to make. Practise then perform to your siblings, friends or family.
This one is a fab way to entertain your visiting family at Christmas.
Fun winter activities will kee kids happy all season long.
38. Make puppets! There are wonderful kits you can buy or just use for left over felt or material and make your own. This post by Amanda gave us loads of ideas!!

39. Make a paper Mache snowman.

The kids love all things papier-mache. Just layer a balloon with up to 6 layers of newspaper and lots of PVA glue.
Once its dry you can pop the balloon inside and paint it. You could also turn it into a pinata!
We made a snowman pinata last year and the kids loved it. It was a little sad to bash him around ha.
40. Catch A Snowflake on your tongue. Have a rain drop race down a window or jump in puddles ( wearing boots)  Good old family fun can be something so simple.

Just a few more..


41. Play Chase In The Woods, Or Hide and Seek another good one. Just have fun and set boundaries so no one goes too far. Here is another post with more ideas for fun in the woods.
42. Find A Different Park/Woods To Explore. Take a picnic or a flask of soup and see where the day takes you.
Maybe take the bikes?
43. Playdoh Snowmen. Make your own playdoh or why not try cloud dough.
So easy and you’ll have lovely soft hands.

44. Play Alphabet Eye Spy.

A is for apple tree, B is for Blue Bin etc.Take a walk around the town and see if you can get the whole way through the alphabet. You could make the guesses Christmas themed ie g=glowing light S= santa sleigh etc.
45. Collect materials from outdoors and make this amazing Christmas candle decoration.

Remember to check these posts out for more ideas this Christmas.

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  1. Great article!. I really liked the idea of making Photo album for the year that has gone by. It is a great way to drive down the memory lane and to introspect how you have spent the year. Thanks for sharing!

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