Garden Themed Sets For Kids

When you’re not quite sure where to start, a gardening kit for kids can be a good idea.

 They come with full instructions and all the materials you need to ensure you can get started and experience the fun of growing.

This post has lots of ideas for other sets your family might love too.

Indoor Herb Garden Seed Starter Kit

A wonderful kit to get kids growing herbs on the windowsill. This set comes with everything you need to get started.

Root-Vue Farm

Comes with an acrylic growing box, 3 packets of seeds, plant labels, water wicks for self-watering system and a 16 page booklet with complete instructions on how to grow your seeds.

Funky Veg Kit

Brighten up mealtimes with this exciting selection of 5 distinctive and unusual vegetables. A really novel gift.


Botany Experimental Greenhouse

Learn About Plants and Seeds with this specially designed greenhouse dome. This set has 30 different experiments to try with your kids,

Recommended age 5-7 years

Grow 'N' Glow Terrarium

A terrarium is a miniature garden in a simulated natural environment. The Grow N’ Glow Terrarium is a complete kit for helping kids to create their very own miniature eco-system. It’s so easy! You just assemble, decorate, water and watch it grow! It’s a fun way to teach kids about botany, eco-systems and the life cycle of plants. Kids love to see how things work and especially how the magic of seeds, soil, sun and water will blossom into green plants!


This plant maze is a great toy for anyone interested in experimenting with nature, both young and old. Just plant a bean and watch it sprout and wind its way through the maze.

Grow-A-Maze also comes with a transparent cover, a water pot, and a mini-magnifying glass so you can watch both above and below the soil and see for yourself just how plants work.

Indoor Gardening Kit

Young plant lovers can watch nature at work by growing a beautiful flower garden and fresh herbs in just days with the world’s most earth-happy gardening set.

Fairy Garden Gardening Kit

Gardening with kids is a wonderful way to promote their imagination and physical activity. What better way to start gardening with your kids that starting a fairy garden?Great for Parent/Child relationships and opens a world of growing and imagination for your kids.

Kids Gardening Starter Set

Kids gardening set- Includes sturdy tote bag,A watering can, gloves, shovels, rake, and a delightful children’s book ‘How to Garden Tale’.

Suitable for 18 months +