Simple Ways To Garden On A Budget

Get outdoors this Autumn and make plants for free. K8ds love this activity and you get FREE plants.

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Are you hoping to start a garden this spring or maybe you have a garden but want to save some on the cost of running it?

 Buying plants for your garden can add up quickly so here are some easy ways to get the things you need and get your garden going when your on a tight budget!

Saving Seed from chilli crops saves money
Save your own seeds from harvested crops

There are so many ways to save money and garden on a budget so don’t be put off by high prices for seeds and tools in garden centres. 

Some Printable Help For You

The easiest way to save money while you start a vegetable garden is to start with a plan? Planning out what you need before you run to the shop and spend a ton of cash on what you think you need. 
Don’t panick, head over to here for a step by step guide to planning your garden.

Take a look at these printables which are so adaptable you can use them to plan your windowsill, patio pot or veg patch. If you are starting a garden on a budget these gardening freebies are a great place to start.

Need to find time or space to garden? Find answers here in our No Excuses series. There’s also a No Excuses printable full of tips to help you stop making excuses and get started right now.

No excuses link to printable.
Click the link above to get your copy

What’s The Simplest Vegetables To Grow? 

The quickest and easiest vegetables on a budget is to grow your left overs.


Have a look at this post to find a whole host of vegetables you can regrow at home for free. Literally using your leftover kitchen scraps, we love,

  • Potato peelings will grow new potatoes,
  • Regrow lettuce, cabbage and celery by sitting the root stumps in a shallow dish of water and in a few.weeks you will have a new flush of tasty green leaves.
  • Leeks, spring onions and onions can all grow from their root plate, they don’t grow a full new vegetable but will grow a flush of new leaves that can be snipped into salads, omelettes and more.
  • Beetroot and carrot tops can grow new leaves for salads.

Oh my word there is so many ways to regrow food from nothing.

Carrots regrow tops that mean you can garden on a small budget
Regrow kitchen scraps for super simple free crops

So, How do you get more plants when you garden on a budget?

  • Divide and Conquer

Take a look around your garden or a friend or family member and see what plants can be divided. Plants like chives, and rhubarb can all be divided to make free plants. Remember to check around your own garden too. Plants you all ready have may have seeded around the place.

Dividing plants using a knife can save money in the garden

 Nasturtiums are very good at this and come back year after year and make a great salad leaf or a replacement for capers. 

  • You can also eat your garden weeds.

Weeds like clover, dandelion, plantain, purslane cleavers and are all edible and a good replacement for salad leaves, spinach etc.

Dandelions make great free sources of food

There’s More…

  • Foraging

This is also an amazing way to bulk up your garden offerings. Wild Garlic, wild raspberries, blackberries, dandelion leaves are just some of the free gifts nature gives if you know where to look.

  • Ask

Pop along to your local allotment and get to know the gardeners there. They’re a friendly bunch and will happily give you lots of free advice, maybe a spare plant to grow and maybe even free crops if they’ve had a glut or large harvest.

  • Cuttings 

Making more fruit bushes by taking hard wood cuttings simply cutting a long stem around 30cm from a strong stem and push into the soil carefully. By the time spring comes you will have a new plant.

Planning sheets on table. Free download to plan garden
Our Free Garden Planning Sheets

Where To Find Free Compost And Mulch When Your Gardening On A Budget

  • Compost

Check with your local recycling center to see if they offer free mulch and compost. Generally you have to bag it up yourself but it is worth it for free or even really cheap.


Better yet make your own by heading here, making your own compost in thee best thing you can do for your garden and it’s totally free. Time is the only investment you need to make here. 

  • Mulch

Use a living mulch like creeping time to over the soil cuts down on the time it takes to weed and also feeds the soil over time and keeps moisture in.

  • Free woodchip

Again contact your council recycling office or local tree surgeon. They may be able to provide you with free material which is invaluable as a mulch, to cover pathways or even to help fill the base of raised beds and pots.

There’s a gardening technique called Hugelkulture that involves burying tree logs , branches and garden waste underneath soil to make a raised ridge that slowly breaks down into a nutritious, well drained soil that can be an amazingly effective way to grow lots of plants.

Check out this great video from a gardener here

Girl sowing seeds on a budget yogurt pot

Ways To Get Seeds As You Garden In A Budget

Growing vegetables means using lots of seeds. Different varieties, plant famillies and preferences means there’s a constant need to buy new seeds, or is there?

  • You could try seed swaping sites 
  • Do a search on Facebook for local seed swaps.
  • Again ask friends, family and neighbours for spare seeds to try. Seed packets have so many more in them than the average gardener can use in a season or 2. I know I always have a few spare. One year I’d forgotten to buy courgette seeds until I went to sow them and when I realised it was all out of stock. I happened to mention this in a garden group on Facebook and within a few minutes a few wonderful gardeners had contacted me to offer their spares. Gardeners are a generous bunch so don’t feel stuck.
  • When you get the seeds you need and sow them to harvest your crop, you can allow a plant of 2 to go to seed and collect them for the next season and so on. 
Tools we think are useful

How Do You Find Tools When You Garden On A Budget?

 Garden tools can be expensive 

Garden tools can be expensive but searching for second hand ones in charity shops, and thrift stores or even borrowing them from friends or family can save you money.

You can find really good quality tools this way as well as some unusual ones too. If you want to invest in a new tool or 2, head over to our shop page for our favourite tools. If your looking to find tools to start gardening with your kids, you could check out

A wonderful company selling tools and equipment for kids at great prices and very well made designs. If you want to head over there you can get 10% off with our affiliate link GHK10.

You can find our list of tools you need here but really if you have a spade, a fork and maybe a hand trowel and you can manage very well until you save money or find other things you’d like.

Keeping A Garden Journal Saves You Money

One ‘tool’ I couldn’t be without however, is my garden journal. A good journal helps me record what we eat, what we need to do, what we sow and when as well as reminding me when I can expect to harvest and information on what worked and what didn’t etc. Here’s the free printables sheet we use

Keeping a journal gives you a ton of information and helps you refine what your doing and where you can improve. Which means you waste less time and money in the long run. 

Remember to grab these garden planning printables too, to create a complete garden notebook! There are pages for planning, tracking, habit trackers, seed packet templates and so much more garden chores, seed sorting, and so much more help and advice and ITS COMPLETELY FREE).

Free Planning Guide

Hopefully, this list will encourage you to get started and learn to garden on a budget. 

Let us know what tips you find most helpful, maybe you can tell us if you have a better idea for gardening on a budget?

Vegetable garden on a budget

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