5 Garden Themed Activities For Kids

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People tell me there kids are too small to garden. Rubbish!!

It’s never too early to start teaching your kids to love being outdoors and garden. 

There’s no greater lesson you can give your kids than to teach them to grow flowers, vegetables or fruit. 

Learning how to take care of plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables is easy, fun, and such a useful lifeskill.

But I don’t have green fingers!! I hear you cry.

You really don’t have to be an expert gardener to teach your kids how to grow and experience the joy that comes from eating something you’ve grown from a tiny seed.

As parents it’s amazing to know your feeding your kids healthy food that has no air miles and chemicals.  

Rock Garden Pals

A fun, easy way to help your kids to connect with your garden is for them to find, wash and paint a garden friend. 

This can be a plant marker to put next to seeds you’ve sown so you remember, or it could be painted too look like a bug, favourite character, or animal. 

If you’re growing vegetables already, why not paint them to look like the vegetable your growing?

It’s so simple to get started. Find full instructions here. Rock painting is a fabulous way for kids to connect with natural materials in a gentle way.

Feeding the birds birdfood is a big step towards helping your garden wildlife. Find out how to make your own feeders

Bird Food Buffet

Another simple way to connect with the outdoors, is to make food for the garden birds. One of the joys of gardening is spending time with the wildlife there.

Hearing the birds sing, the bees buzzing and the butterfly’s floating are all wonderful ways to spend time together and discover nature.

At Christmas time we make a popcorn, peanut and cranberry garland to hang in the trees which the bird LOVE.

Fat Brain Toys - A Smarter Way to Play

The rest of the rest of the year, especially in winter we make a variety of different feeders from stuffed pinecones to fat balls or rolled loo rolls. You can learn how to make some for your garden right here.

Now sit back and watch the birds come.

Egg Carton Starter

Teach your kids how to sow seeds by starting seedlings in egg cartons.This way of sowing seeds is perfect for your little gardener.

They’re small, allow you to sow small manageable amounts and can fit on a windowsill. 

Fat Brain Toys - A Smarter Way to Play

Just pop an old lid or tray underneath incase the water soaks through and you’re good to go!

It’s a great way to practise sowing seeds without wasting a lot of materials.

Find out how to start your own seed starting tray here as well as lots of other recycled garden crafts

SEED BOMB perfect kids garden craft

Seed Bombs


Another way to introduce seeds to kids is to make seed paper or seed bombs.

Find out how to make your own seed bombs in this post here.

growing vegetables from scraps

Regrow leftovers on Your windowsill 

Do what now??

Yes you heard me right!

Kids will love taking your left overs and regrowing them!!

A brilliant way to bring gardening indoors over the winter.

Learn how to regrow leeks, onions, lemongrass and so much more right here.

So there’s a few small ways to get.your kids to get in the garden and love it. Don’t for get to get a copy of our garden activities ebook here

Let us know what your favourite garden activity is below.

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