Wildlife Gardening Ideas

Check Out these Wildlife Gardening Ideas. Get started with your own wildlife garden today with these tried and tested ideas.


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And here’s 11 more steps to get started with your local wildlife



How to Attract Bees, Butterflies, Birds, and Other Animals

This attractive, practical guide explains how to transform backyard gardens into living ecosystems that are not only enjoyable retreats for humans, but also thriving sanctuaries for wildlife. 

Butterfly Garden

See the Miracle of Metamorphosis TEN times with the Giant Butterfly Garden! Your child will never forget the experience of witnessing the metamorphosis of ten caterpillars into beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies. 

Ladybug Land Growing Set

Watch insects explore the paths and mountains of the Bug Land habitat

Kids will have fun finding and collecting their very own bugs for the Bug Land habitat and observing a tiny, secret world.  The see-through dome allows clear observation of the creatures inside.

Mini Anthill Set

Kids love creepy crawlies, so this set is so much fun. Watch as your ant friends make a home in their dome.

Bug Discovery Lab

Kids can make discoveries about the world around them with this engaging science kit. 

Which includes everything that budding biologists need, including bug jar with 2x and 3x magnifiers, pit trap, bug catcher and a 22-page journal! 

Suitable for ages 8+.