Gardening With Kids -Book Review

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Kim Wilds is a singer and award-winning garden designer that loves the creative and sustainable side of gardening.

This is why she spends most of her days outdoors, especially with her own family.

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So, Who Is Kim Wilde?

If you aren’t familiar with her, Kim is a British pop star from the 1980’s. She even toured with Michael Jackson and had her own hugehits like “Kids in America” and became a household name in the UK.

However, eight years later, when Kim met her husband Hal Fowler, they decided to start a family. Kim took a break from singing and re-trained as a landscape gardener as has never looked back.

After researching and planting her own garden using lots of garden books, she took a garden design course.

She plied her trade as a designer, eventually working as a garden designer on a UK TV show and then as part of the show Garden Invaders she polished her craft and knowledge. 

Her retraining paid off In 2005 when she took part and won a gold medal at the UK prodigis RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Gardening With Kids And Writing A Book.

Kim’s kids have grown up helping in the garden, so it seemed natural to write this book to inspire other mums to get in the garden with their kids.

Why Buy This “Gardening With Kids” Book? 

This book is crammed full of fun ideas for exciting kids and getting them out in the garden.

If given the opportunity, children love to play an active role in garden. Kim, after years of gardening with her own kids, really understands how to get kids involved and keen to get in the garden.

 This book gives lots of fun activities, new ideas and tips for making a fun family garden.

Gardening With Kids is a fabulous, down to earth, well rounded book with guidelines for safety in the garden, ideas for maintaining a child’s attention throughout the slow gardening process is just an example.

wonderful ideas to get started gardening with kids.

Beautifully Illustrated with step-by-step photographs for each project which range from creative ways to plant, making scarecrows, creating wormeries and instructions on making a mini pond.

There are even some indoor projects for rainy days are also included, as well as lots of information to help a beginner gardener. 

We have completed a few projects from this book and right now we are working on the “Rose’s Aquatic Garden” which helps you make a mini pond in an old container like a garden trug.

We are turning an old blue trug into a mini pond for the wildlife in our garden. 
The step by step guide to making this is easy to follow and backed up with wonderful photos from Kim and her family, showing the steps to make their pond. 

Here is our version so far, tadpoles and all.

We have plans to do more activities from this book as it’s an incredible inspiration.

Gardening with children is a wobderful way to spend your family time. If you need help and inspiration for activities this book will hit the mark.

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