The Best Gardening Gift Basket Ideas

Christmas is a wonderful time to give a gift basket and what better than to give a gardening themed gift basket. Perfect for mums, dads neighbours or kids!

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Gardening Gift Basket Ideas that make gift giving easier for loved ones who are tricky to buy for.
I don’t know about you, but I especially struggle with my parents! So I usually turn to my garden for help.
So  when my mum, after looking at my allotment, said she had big dreams of starting a vegetable garden. I had a plan!
She’s made a start by trying a few seeds straight in the ground and has done really well, so for Christmas we have decided to encourage her and make her a gardening gift basket.
Christmas is a wonderful time to give a gift basket and what better than to give a gardening themed gift basket. Perfect for mums, dads neighbours or kids!
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The Best Gardening Gift Basket Ideas

So where to start? Well for me it’s think about who is going to receive the basket? Mine is for my mum.  I know she wants to try growing vegetables and her garden isn’t huge so that gives me a direction to go in.
Decide what type of gardening your recipient will like and go from there.

Diy gift basket ideas for the whole family

What kind of basket to use?

First, find something to contain your items in–
  • a water can,
  • Large plant pot,
  • A basket
  • A plastic garden trug
  • Many charity shops sell baskets
  • Old wine creates
  • You could make your own woven basket
  • The cheapest and easiest idea is to use a cardboard box and wrap in pretty wrapping paper

The List Of Gardening Gift Basket Ideas Is Endless.

Ideas For What To Put In A Gardening Gift Basket?


For me, I’m making a gift basket for container gardening, so I’ll base my items around that. Here’s a list of items you could try;
  • Some vegetable or flower seeds which are easy to grow in containers. These seeds here are a little more unusual that the common ones in most garden centres. They are heirloom seeds that are not commercially grown anymore but have so much to give the home grower. The pack contains 13 different crops to try including, Speckles Lettuce, Dinosaur Kale, Golden Jubilee Tomatoes, Rocket Arugula, Red Acre Cabbage, Rainbow Blend Carrots, Romanesco Broccoli, Cocozelle Zucchini, Purple Plum Radish, Yellow Pear Tomatoes ( which taste AMAZING!! ), Snowy Aubergines, Green Zebra Tomatoes, and Snowball Cauliflower Yum! Find a variety of seeds you like but don’t be afraid to try something a bit different.


  • Gardening gloves. These ones are very unusual but so comfortable and easy to use for digging with your hands to plant seeds or little plants.


  • Hand pruning shears are so useful for lots of garden jobs, even in a container garden so include these for pruning fruit trees or cutting willow to act as supports.


  • Nail Brush, 

Gardening is a messy business!!

  • I’m including This lovely hand cream set as it’s my favourite. Working with soil can give your rough dry hands so I love to smooth this stuff on and within a few minutes my hands are silky soft.


  • Plant labels or stones to paint with names. A great activity she could do with the grandkids too!


  • I’m including this knee pad seat. As my mum has a few issues bending this will be fantastic for helping her get up and down so she can get right up close to the plants.  It has solid side handrails which make getting up and down a lot easier, a soft cushioned kneeling pad means she’ll be comfy kneeling beside her pots and  also reduce the pressure and wear on her knees and lower back as well as keep her clean.


  • Large ball of twine,

    I buy mine at the local garden centre.


  • Paper Pot Maker. This is an invaluable tool in todays world. As plastic becomes public enemy number one it’s important that us gardeners do our bit to reduce the amount we use in our plots. This paper pot maker is fantastic for creating pots to start off seedlings in. Once your seedlings get big enough to plant outdoors, simply plant the whole paper pot so there is no root disturbance! Fab! It’s a great way to use up left over newspapers of waste paper from the kids art sessions.


  • Clay Pots are also a great idea to reduce the amount of plastic we use as these are reusable and the kids love painting them. I’m buying this set so I can get the kids to paint them up for different crops ie tomatoes drawn around the side.  


  • Good hand soap. Again gardening can play havoc with your skin so a good hand wash is essential!


  • Tool sharpening stone. This is a good idea to add so the tools can be kept in top condition. It really helps make every job easier if the spade and scissors are sharp. This is the one I’ve had for 3 years and it’s like new despite me using it every few weeks.


  • Soil Tester Kit. If you have a beginner gardener receiving this gift or they are about to embark on a whole new venture. This soil test kit is a good idea so you can find what plants will grow in the right soil areas you have! The test it’s self is super easy and explained in the leaflet

Be creative and add anything you like.

Think about what type of garden they have or want and include items to make that easier.




How to Make a Garden Gift Basket


  • Fill your chosen container with shredded paper, straw or some other fun bulky material as a base to lay your gifts on.


  • Start to lay out the items you’ve chosen to include in an interesting way. I start with the larger items first and work to the smaller one.


  • Fill in more straw or coloured tissue paper to stabilze your items so they’re not gonna fall over as soon as the box is touched


  • Remember to add a few seed packets of annual flowers, vegetables or herbs, you can add packets of organic fertilizer, too.


  • A gardening book or subscription of magazine is a great idea too, place it somewhere noticeable.




  • Once your happy, you could wrap it with cellophane or ribbon to decorate it or embellish it with artificial flowers, holly or ivy.
Your Gardening Gift Basket is ready to give to a loved one. It’ll be a perfect gift for my mum as sell as friends, family or anyone else you have in mind.

Why not make a gardening gift basket full of exciting things to get your kids growing their own fruit, vegetables and flowers?


MUST have Gifts For Toddlers

Outdoor Gifts For Kids


What to include in your gift basket for your kids or beginners

As above, decide if it’s vegetables or flowers you want to grow with your kids.

Now, decide on the contents of your basket.

  • You could make your own seed bombs in pretty Christmas coloured tissue paper, bag them up and include them for kids to grow.


  • Include a pack of over sized lolly sticks to let your child creat their own plant labels.


  • Watering can and plant sprayer.

  • Gardening books. This book is a great start and has tons of ideas in =side. But find a garden book and pop it in. It’ll be a constant help to find something new to do!!


  • Gloves


  • Christmas chocolates to hide in the box



Another fabulous idea is to,

  • give a ready grown plant or house plant like a strawberry plant or a Christmas cactus to care for while the other seeds grow.
  • And give some pots to sow the seeds in.

Wonderful activities to try along side your gift basket

  • Sow seeds
  • Make a cress head
  • Grow carrot tops on the windowsill
  • Grow a herb garden on your windowsills.-include coriander, basil, mint or lemon balm seeds.
  • Sow sweet-peas on loo roll tubes for a nice long root run.
  • Re-grow scraps for free food.
  • Make paper pots from loo rolls
  • More ideas here.

So, there’s my idea for a fantastic gardening gift basket gift to inspire your loved one to  grow their own.


Let me know if you make one for your loved one this Christmas!


Give a gardening gift basket to someone you love. Personalised to them and filled with wonderful gifts.

Gardening gift basket ideas are a perfect diy option for all your loved ones

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