11 Gardening Themed Gift Basket Fillers -Perfect For The Kids This Easter.

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11 Gardening Themed Gift Basket Fillers

-Perfect For The Kids This Easter.

11 Gardening Themed Gift Basket Fillers -Perfect For The Kids This Easter. Why? Well, if you are anything like me I’m desperate to find useful, clutter free gifts to give this year. I’m so sick of my kids getting SO excited for weeks before Easter to see what the Easter Bunny brings them and 30 seconds after they open their basket they are bored and ready to move on.

The gifts forgotten in a heap. We don’t live in a huge house at the moment so ANY increase in clutter and ” for the sake of it” toys is a NO – NO- NOOO!

So, I’m made it my mission to find Easter Gift Basket filler’s I can give to my kids that are

  • Minimum Clutter
  • Useful and for more than just one use.
  • Screen Free activities.


Right, so, here’s what I’ve come up with so far, some of these we have tried before and loved and others my kids are going to love and we can get lots of use out of.

Remember to try some of these ideas so bring nature indoors too. You could also read 26 ways kids can connect with nature for more ideas.

I have included Affiliate links to items that i use, love and whole heartedly recommend. If you purchase through one of these links I may earn a small commision with no extra cost to you. Check out my Disclosure page for more information.

Grow Your Own Vegetable Garden

11 Gardening Themed Gift Basket Fillers -Perfect For The Kids This Easter.
Creative Sprouts Grow Your Own Look & See Vegetable Garden

This first one is a “Grow your own vegetable garden complete set” is one we had before when my eldest Ed was younger. It’s claim to be a vegetable garden in a little misleading however It’s fascinating! It is quite small and I was worried it wouldn’t have much room for anything to grow but it is perfect for the seeds that come with it and it’s fantastic to actually see roots growing. It includes:-

  • 1 x carrot seeds
  • 1 x Spring onion seeds
  • 1 x radish seeds.
  • 1 bag of coconut fibre
  • 1 x Clear planter
  • And quite a good instruction guide. 

The down side to this as it obviously takes time. ED had such fun setting it up but grew bored waiting for it to grow. Gardening in general needs patience so it is a good lesson for your child. All things come to those who waits. It’s worth the money, takes up very little room on a windowsill or and outdoor table etc. and is reuseable  Perfect!

My First Mini Greenhouse

Johnsons 21801 Little Gardeners “My First Mini Greenhouse” – Multi-Colour

This cute little greenhouse is perfect for kids, It can double up as a play house for your toy trolls which is what my daughter CC did for the first 3 days after we opened it.


In the box there is:-

  • a buildable mini greenhouse very easy to put together.
  • 3 x seeds= packets Cress, Sunflowers and really colourful Coleus. 
  • Plant tags,
  • Magic compost
  • Widger and dibbler
  • An activity sheet with fun facts

Once we finally got round to using it properly it worked so well, the seedlings loved the extra heat. It’s not very big but for kids sowing and growing their own plants to plant in their own patch or pot its ideal. We raised Sunflowers in this last year and they did so well. This year we plan to use it year round, starting off our spring bedding and sowing our crops to plant outdoors and in the winter we’re going to to growing salad leaves so we can have fresh salad all year round. Remember to make a Nature Journal to record all your sowing activities so you can see what worked and what didn’t next season.

11 Gardening Themed Gift Basket Fillers -Perfect For The Kids This Easter.


Look and See Sprout Maze

Bean Sprout Maze Kids Gardening Grow Your Own Plant Kit

This is on my ‘must have’ list for this Easter. It looks so different and the kids will get a kick out of it. CC grew broad beans in school last year and loved eating them once she brought the seedling home to care for it. I’m not partial to broad beans but any vegetable they eat is a bonus. So instead of having to sow a whole patch in our allotment for cc. She can grow her own while having fun with this great gift.

Beans naturally head for the light once the sprout so when you plant a seed in this maze and watch. it will head through the maze searching out the light to help it grow. Little walls inside the maze can be moved each time so the maze is fresh and kids keep their interest.

The recommended age for this set is 6 years old but i think my minded child at 4 would love this too. They might just need a little help. The downside here is the beans and the soil are NOT included so these will be extra but this may be a good thing as you can then buy beans and peas you like and adapt the soil to suit so it’s not a huge issue.

In the box:-

  • The maze with movable parts,
  • 8 plant supports
  • 1 water pot
  • 1 water dropper
  • 1 magnifier
  • 2 cover cards
  • Easy to follow instructions

Grow and Glow Terrarium

Creativity For Kids Grow ‘N Glow Terrarium

This is another on my ‘must buy’ lists this Easter, It looks amazing my nephew had one last year and it was too cute as a night-light. It’s small and compact but holds lots of potential for the kids. I’m thinking tiny alpine plants in this one to act as a fairy garden that twinkle at night?

It comes with little rabbit figures and some mushrooms to pose to begin with so you could let your imagination go. The jar is the size of a large masonry jar and has star-shaped holes in the lid so it doesn’t take up too much space.

In the box:-

  • The jar
  • A bag of white stones
  • A bag of sand
  • A bag of wheatgrass seeds
  • A bag of potting soil
  • A bag of beans
  • A rabbit figure
  • a mushroom
  • 1 x sheet of glow in the dark stickers
  • 1 x misting bottle 
  • 1 x sheet of garden themed stickers.

Sow and Grow Monster Plants

                                                                    Sow And Grow Monster Plants

This set is perfect for kids who want to grow something a little different. The gift box includes everything needed for kids to grow a scary mix of monster plants. My ED loves all things strange and delights in Venus Fly traps and such like so this will suit him. He will love to grow his own creepy garden featuring dragons and plants that move!

Kids can learn about nature and have fun whilst sowing and growing these three varieties of prehistoric plants!

What’s Inside:-

  • 1 packet of snapdragon seeds,
  • 1 packet of asparagus fern seeds,
  • 1 packet of moving plant seeds,  so cool!,
  • 3 coconut husk starter pots,
  • 3 coconut husk compost discs which expand when watered,
  • 3 wooden plant markers,
  • Sow & Grow booklet with growing tips and puzzles

Child’s Gardening Bag

11 Gardening Themed Gift Basket Fillers -Perfect For The Kids This Easter.


Gruffalo Child’s Gardening Bag Tool Bag **GREAT GIFT IDEA**

This little set is perfect for any budding gardener to get them started. It includes a hand trowel, fork, rake, watering can and a bag to keep it all together. We have this set for the childminding kids and they love pottering about. The watering can in particular is the most used. It’s small enough for little hands but big enough for your child to feel like they are helping.


Caterpillar Growing kit11 Gardening Themed Gift Basket Fillers -Perfect For The Kids This Easter.Healthy Caterpillar Grow Kit by Plant Theatre – Educational Gift

This cute little caterpillar ‘Plant Theatre’ is a great way to help kids grow their own Fruit, Vegetables or Flowers. It is so easy to use and fits neatly on a windowsill. The only thing we found with this that could be negative,( and it’s not really) is when we wanted to so more seeds we had to buy soil as there was no spare for a second session. This isn’t a shock though for the price and it is well worth it. The container acts as a tray and a greenhouse so it’s wonderful for growing almost anything.

This great set comes with:-

  • A propagator and lid shaped like a caterpillar.
  • Self adhesive eyes and mouth stickers to personalise your caterpillar.
  • 7 x Growing pots
  • 7 x Magic peat growing discs
  • 7 x Plant markers
  • 7 x Seed varieties. tomato, lettuce, sweetcorn, beans, red pepper, pea, and pumpkin. 

Gardening Lab Book


Gardening Lab for Kids: 52 Fun Experiments to Learn, Grow, Harvest, Make, Play, and Enjoy Your Garden (Hands-On Family)

A great book we were given last year at Easter time. We have worked through over half of this book and everything we pick it up we find something else to try. Great book!

My Fairy Garden

11 Gardening Themed Gift Basket Fillers -Perfect For The Kids This Easter.
My Fairy Garden Fairy Garden

This little set was the hit of my daughter’s birthday in September last year. We couldn’t grow the seeds of grass that come with it however, so we used artificial grass as a base. 

11 Gardening Themed Gift Basket Fillers -Perfect For The Kids This Easter.
11 Gardening Themed Gift Basket Fillers -Perfect For The Kids This Easter.

It prevents any unwanted mess too! CC plays with this set almost every day as her trolls, fairies, clangers and other small figures each get a turn to visit her fairies.

Box includes:-

  • Fairy Garden Bowl.
  • Fairy figurine.
  • Mouse Figurine.
  • Oyster shell (water feature).
  • Sparkly Fairy Cottage.
  • Clothes Line with posts & pegs.
  • Die-cut carpet (for cottage).
  • Grass seed.
  • Coloured gravel.
  • Fairy mushrooms.
  • Fairy flowers.
  • Fairy dust (stars).
  • Colour booklet.

Bonsai Beauties

Bonsai Beauties Gift Seed Kit. Everything You Need to Grow 5 Stunning Varieties of Bonsai Trees

I have always loved these shrunken plants and my love for them has rubbed off on my son. This gift set would be perfect for him. Bonsai are also good for kids who need to be calm and have a focus. This is a definite on my list!


Magical Fairy Flowers

Easter basket filler for kids
Sow And Grow Magical Fairy Flowers

This set is beautiful and I am considering getting it for CC to go with her Fairy garden. Grow your own magical fairy flowers at home seems like the perfect way to play to me. The set includes everything you need to get started as well as growing hints and tips, enough seeds for at least two attempts, and some magical fairy puzzles. Great idea, it doesn’t say what flowers you will grow however.



So there you are my top 11 Gardening Themed Gift Basket Fillers -Perfect For The Kids This Easter.

What do you think? Is there something  in this list you think would tear your kids away from their screens long enough?? Do you have a better plan for Easter ??

Get in touch and let me know what you will be doing on Easter. Spring is coming and i’m so excited!!




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    It is so refreshing to see a gardening post which actually focuses on children! Some great gift ideas here absolutely going to buy the first vegetable pack. What a great idea! Great post keep up the great work!

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