How To Get Fit With A Healthy Garden

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Well, it’s the start of the New Year and all the festivities have well and truely past for another year.

So traditionally it’s now time to make lots of plans and goals to work towards throughout the coming year.

The 5 most common resolutions people make at the start of the year include

  • To exercise more and get fit.
  • To lose some weight.
  • Learning a new skill.
  • Saving money or at least spend less money.
  • Spending time with family and friends.

So, there are lots of self improvement goals there, but realisitically, in our busy lives as parents, how are we meant to fit it all in??

When there’s a house full of kids all demanding your attention how do you get to the gym?

Well, there is one activity that would help you smash almost all of those goals and not cost you a lot of money in gym fees or courses and the kids can help too!

What is it I hear you cry??

A garden is not just a place for pretty flowers, it’s also a great place for you to stay active and get fit -yes seriously! Have you tried digging over a potato bed??

Gardening is fun, energetic and super rewarding. It’s also adaptable so any age and ability can take part in gardening, especially growing your own food whether it is in a window box or a plot.

Are you ready to start your vegetable garden now?

Why not sign up for ” How to Start A Vegetable Garden” course!

You could also check out

Growing food in your own garden also increases the benefit, as your eating fresh organic vegetables with no air miles or plastic wrapping.

Your exercising, and eating well, you’ll no doubt loose weight, feel fitter and learn a new skill, as you save a fortune on buying fruit and vegetables from the supermarket.

And if you enjoy gardening as a family you can spend quality time together outdoors enjoying, win, win!

It sounds easy doesn’t it? Because it is!!

Gardening is so much fun but it is hard work. Bending, raking, digging and  lifting are all similar to exercise at the gym without having to pay huge gym memberships and wear stretchy lycra.

You can get a great workout doing something that you love instead.


Try raking the grass instead of rowing at the gym, it will work all your upper body and get rid of those bingo wings.

Add to that all the bending and lifting and you have an all over work out and a clean garden as raking, whether it is grass or leaves, it’s important to allow your lawn to breath and let the light in.

You’ll feel it in your back, tummy, arms, and chest.

What else could you try to get healthy in your garden?

Why not try swapping the treadmill for a lawnmower and get yourself moving (or mowing).

Pushing around a mower can be hard work using your arms and legs, but at least by the time your done you have a beautiful lawn to look over and relax on. 

Garden enemy number one is weeds, so why not forget the cross trainer and get down and do some weeding?

It allows you to pull out unwanted weeds in the lawn and pathways while getting an awesome workout on your body. Focusing your your shoulders, arms, thighs and calves. It would be silly not to!


Everyone hates the thought of digging a large patch of garden, but digging is the same type of exercise as using a weight bench. It also helps the soil and incorporates compost etc.

Digging gives you an all over work out but be careful with your back and always remember to keep your back straight and bend your knees.

Also, remember when taking on any physical activity to be careful and build yourself up. It’s easy to go too hard and hurt yourself. Remember to warm up and take it easy during any new activity even in the garden when it feels like fun not work!

Gardening might not fill all your needs this year but it’s a great place to start.

You’ll get fit and healthy while also saving money, as you won’t have to buy lots of fruit and vegetables for your family (during the warm months at least)

You’ll spend amazing time together working towards a common goal, while you have fun and enjoy being outdoors learning lots of new skills and abilities.

You can’t go wrong. No gym fees, slimming club memberships or expensive days out.

Just fresh air, good food and amazing fun. What’s not to love??

So what are your resolutions and goals for this year?? let us know below!!

8 thoughts on “How To Get Fit With A Healthy Garden”

  1. I really liked your article. I have been thinking about trying to grow some plants. I am a beginner though I have never grown anything before. Also since it seems you are knowledgeable about gardening you should write about tips for a small garden for people in apartments I think that would be extremely helpful!

    1. Thank you so much Bailey I’m glad you enjoyed my post. it’s great to hear from you. What kind of plants were you thinking about growing? Vegetables, flowers etc
      Check out for some easy ideas to try by growing your left overs. See if you enjoy doing that before you move on to something bigger and buying seeds etc. I truly believe everyone can grow something. There is no such thing as a green thumb!

      it just takes a little trial and error.
      And I’m here to help anytime!!

      Remember you can join the newsletter and get helpful posts and advice to your email box as I have a few coming up that you might be interested in.

      You can also email me anytime at id love to help you start your gardening journey.

      Thanks also for the great idea about small space gardening. I’ll get on that asap. Is there a particular issue you have with growing in a small space or would a more general guide to where to start be more helpful?

  2. I also realize that do gardening is the best way to reduce some weight and stay healthy. Sometimes, I find some creative plan to organize my garden and grow some kind of plants. It is so relaxing after I see my result, of course the result will come a few months. And it also provides major of fresh vegetable for my family, I love it.
    Many thanks for your article, I will continue to doing gardening.

    1. Hi Alan thank you for your comment. Im so happy you already love gardening and growing your own food. Its a never ending cycle so just enjoy the journey

  3. I completely agree! Other than brisk walking, I hate going to the gym or exercising. That’s why I was so happy to hear it when my doc told me that chores like cleaning the house and gardening were just as good if you do them regularly.

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