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It wouldn’t be Summer without a trip to the beach. The warm sand between your toes, the kids running and splashing in the wave and seagulls hovering above ready to steal your sandwiches.
But when the novelty wears off how will you keep your kids on the beach entertained?

Kids on the beach

I miss the days I spent as a child. Summer was spent on the beach with my family, digging huge pits into the sand and building seats with different sand castle features around it. My kids enjoy it too especially ED but they also love finding seashells and sea creatures especially crabs.
Recently, we haven’t made it to the beach as much with AJ still in the buggy. We’ve made do with our trips to the river but this got me thinking about all the activities were missing and what we could take from the river to keep the kids entertained.
We decided to compiled this list of our favourites so when we get there this summer we can hit the sand running.
Awesome ideas to entertain the kids on the beach this Summer

So, Let’s Look at How to Entertain Your Kids On The Beach This Summer

Firstly, and most importantly, get prepared. The beach is a lot more challenging to organise than a trip to the park. So to help you here’s a list of what I take to the beach to make sure we have a fantastic day out no matter how many kids I have.
Rule number 1…No screens. Well except maybe a phone or camera to capture your day.
Some essentials to bring to the beach for toddlers and kids of all ages!
  • A Camera to record your magic day. Why not make a Nature Journal and record all your memories in here. The beach is such a fun sensory experience as well as great for connecting with nature so why not keep a record of it?


  • Snacks. I always pack bags of fruit. I pre-chop up melon, strawberries, apple and oranges etc into individual bags for the kids to pick at through the day. Sometimes I even freeze some fruit for a different texture and to keep them cool.  A great beach hack for toddlers is to freeze juice boxes and yogurt tubes. Then pack them around sandwiches and they keep everything cool while slowly defrosting and staying cool until eating time.
Kids on the beach July
  • Drinks Going to the beach with kids can be thirsty work, I try to freeze some juice boxes for later in the day as well as taking a large bottle of water to refill kids bottles with. I also fill a reusable juice bottle for each child to carry with them.


  • A Picnic As above I freeze juice bottles to keep lunches cool, I try to make sandwiches or wraps with easy fillings. Kids don’t want to be stuck eating when there is so much FUN to get on with. I also pack some cheesy crackers. yogurts, raisins, mini sausages or sausage rolls, fruit, and sometimes carrot sticks. Anything with energy giving power to keep the kids going for round 2.


  • Suncream and Sun Hats. I won’t go into ‘sun safety’ here as I’m sure your all aware but it’s SO important to make sure kids are protected from the sun. I like to encourage kids to keep hats on their heads and we apply suncream regularly. I try to keep in the shade too as I for one need a break from the glaring sun sometimes and I find the kids can cool down and relax a little if they have a break in the shade.

  • Blanket and a Towel I always take a large picnic mat with us to the beach, I find it helpful to have a ‘clean’ space to sit and rest. It’s an essential for toddlers especially as they can be over stimulated with a trip to the beach and touching the sand can be too much for some little ones to begin with. Having a familiar place to sit away from it can be helpful.


  • A Towel is also useful for kids playing in the sand and water to dry off or to hold up for kids to change behind. If you’re trying to dry your child off don’t rub too hard as the sand will act as an abrasive and feel very uncomfortable for your kids. To remove sand just try the talc hack below.


  • Change of clothes Another essential for the beach. Kids will ALWAYS get wet, sandy or dirty the minute they’re not supposed to so if you take a change (packed in a ziplock bag to keep it dry) then the fun doesn’t have to stop with tears because the kids are cold or uncomfortable.


  • Swim suits. A swim suit can  be helpful if your little one loves splashing in the water, however a change of clothes does the same job.

  • Talc. This beach hack for kids is FANTASTIC!! Instead of kids screaming the beach down as your try to rub sand from their legs, just sprinkle on some talc powder and gently rub in. The powder dries on the skin and the sand just falls off. To tears or tantrums just baby fresh feet!
Right, that’s my basic essentials for ANY beach trip. There are however different items i might take depending on what activities we are looking to achieve. For Example i might take a small bag of plaster of paris to make hand print crafts in the sand, water-colour paint and some brushes if we plan to paint, or even some digging tools for sand castle making.

Also, a good idea is to take a blow up paddling pool for little ones to sit in. This way you can keep them away from the sand if they don’t like it or you can let them play in the water safely away from the rushing waves

So, Let’s Look at How to Entertain Your Kids On The Beach This Summer

Build Sand castles
These are some great tips for building the best sand castles EVER! check it out at
Castles are a staple at the beach so get some practice in now.
Sand Dribbling Sculptures
 This idea from is  a deffierent take on sand castle building. Simple ‘dribbling’ runny sand through your fingertips to make sand towers! Who can make the tallest? Great idea!
Make Origami boats
No matter where the kids want to go there’s some sort of water source. We are masters at these boats now and regularly make them wherever we are, we even keep a stack or recycled paper in the boot of the car just incase we need to whip up a batch for a quick race down the water. Either put them in the sea and watch them float or build a moat around your sand castle and blow them along and see who wins the race.
Jump the waves
This is a nice easy one that younger kids just LOVE. Hold hands and wait for a wave. When It comes simply jump over it without getting wet (although that is half the fun!)
Sandy hand art has come up with a beautiful way to keep memories of your day out. Check out the instructions and make your own memories
This one requires a bit more preparation and equipment but its worth it!
Land art with pebbles and shells
Seashell characters
Such a cute craft, I keep a pocket of my purse filled with googly eyes, pens, glue and odd bottle tops and string so I’m never far from a craft where ever the day takes us but these little shell guys are so cute it’s worth taking extra bits to enjoy making a whole family of these.
Kite flying
beach activities with kids
This ones always a favourite. As it’s normally breezier at the coast it’s a great place to take a kite.
Rock pooling
Rock pooling with kids can be fascinating, Rainy Day Mum has come up with great hints and tips to get the most out of it. What will you find?
DIY Dye Sand
This is a very creative way for kids to keep busy at the beach
Rock stacking
on the beach
This is My husband and CC building rocks at the river. Were going to try this at the beach too!. The Llano Earth Art Fest and the World Rock Stacking Championship is held in Texas each year to find the best rock stacker and the most artistic rock stacker.  We have a long way to go!
Sand drawing
A great idea from Artful kids Use a finger or a stick and draw or write in the sand. It’s a fantastic way to express yourself. You could also use sea weed, shells, sticks and other gems to decorate your creations.
Dig a sunken seat
My childhood was spent digging large seats and holes in the ground to make sunken seats. We made castle walls around and look out points etc. It was great fun and we could let our imaginations fly. The sand underneath is cool so it’s a wonderful way to keep kids cool in the sun too.
There’s my tips for entertaining your kids on the beach tgis Summer. Have I missed anything you love to do??
How do you keep your kids busy at the beach? Drop a comment and let us know what your family favourite is¬!
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7 thoughts on “How to Entertain Your Kids On The Beach”

  1. Freezing everything is a great idea! Love it! I also need to try the talc trick for sand. Whining kids and sticky legs are a terrible way to end your super fun day. Can’t wait for beach weather

  2. Super fun! We are heading to the beach this weekend and even though it’s Southern California, I haven’t had a good beach day in ages. Great tips! I’ll be packing talc in our beach bag.

  3. Designing a couch on the sand is a pretty great and innovative idea. I also liked Origami boat, I mean it is always great when you bring creativity outside your home. I would like to add a metal detector and giant bubble maker to this list. At the beach, it is always a little humid, provides a great ambiance for making giant bubbles. Although, high-speed winds might work in the opposite direction as well!

    1. Love it Abbey. My son has a metal detector and I totally forgot about it ha Im gonna add that in to my list if its ok. Also giant bubble maker. Need to look into that as we have a bubble machine which the kids LOVE but never seen giant bubbles. Great !

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