How To Make A Christmas Candle Decoration

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How To Make A Christmas Candle Decoration

A Christmas Candle Decoration you can make at home with your family from bits you can find outdoors.


This Christmas Candle decoration has followed me since my school days. Many years ago, when I was at primary school we made this and I fell in love with it.

I spent hours making so many versions of this for everymember of my family, teachers, neighbours and who knows who else. There’s so many ways to make this a unique gift.

So this year, I decided to reintroduce it and share this crafts with my kids and make it one of our advent activities.

I had to experiment a little as I’d forgotten how to make the soap powder base (yes soap powder!) This week we had a lovely walk in the woods to collect foliage for this craft. Now we’re ready.


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Christmas Candle Decoration are so easy to make and an easy craft for kids.


What you need to make a Christmas Candle Decoration

*Shallow tub or dish around 3 cm deep
*Wrapping paper or some ribbon.
*Soap powder.
*Cold water
*Sparkly silver glitter, link some tinsel.
*Pine cones.
*Mini baubles, berries, figures, mini gifts, or anything else you want to use GO NUTS!
*Some evergreen foliage such as holly, ivy, pine tree branches. Collect this while your out having some Winter fun. Here’s some ideas.

*Red or white pillar candle. Try these

To make your Christmas Candle Decoration

Firstly, decorate your container. You could paint the outside edge of your tub if there’s anything you need to cover. With plastic tubs, I’ve found the easiest way to cover them is to glue on wrapping paper or tinfoil to give a Christmas look or a red ribbon works well too. I decided not to cover the tub I used as it is a lovely clear colour, so I can see the snow. Let it dry before the next step.

Now, fill your tub to the brim with soap powder and pack it down firmly to find the amount u need. Tip this amount into an old bowl.

Add a tablespoon of water to the powder and mix really well. Now the tricky part. You need the damp mix to clump together but not enough that it’s wet.

Christmas Candle Decoration

I adding 1 drop of water at a time and mixed thoroughly until it started to clump a little like damp sand.


The colour of the soap powder changes slowly as it’s all mixed in so you can see the parts that are still dry. . This is one time where less is more.

With Me So Far?

Once you have the powder barely damp. Pack it into the tub again and press it down well. As tight as you can.

The soap powder will harder over time and set hard to hold all your decorations in place. I sprinkled a tiny amount of silver glitter over the surface to help it look like snow.

Now take your taper candle and push it into your packed powder. I like it slightly off centre to give you more room for larger decorations.

Where ever you prefer it but don’t put it against the edge as you need space around the candle to place your decorations.

Christmas Candle Decoration

Now for the fun bit.

Use your evergreens to decorate around the base of the candle. I started with the piece of holly and stood this against the candle, and then I put in the bushy pieces of pine tree to the back.

Smaller bits then fit in around the front of the candle, that way, you can add pinecones or baubles, maybe a mini gift in the left over gaps.

The sparkly soap powder looks like snow and sets of the green foliage etc.

If you would like to have snow on your decorations too. Make up a small bowl of soap powder and water and dab this onto the top edges of the foliage. Leave to dry as this will take a while (maybe overnight)

Play around with the placement of things until you’re happy, the soap powder doesn’t dry instantly so you haveplenty of time.

So what do you think?

Christmas Candle Decoration


This is a great way to bring nature into a Christmas craft.

You could add mini figures onto the snow part as well. Carol singers, ice skaters, a couple of mini reindeers or maybe if you have mini snowmen?

Have fun with this and let me know how you get on.

I’d love to see your pictures. I hope you love this one as much as I do.

Christmas Candle Decorations can be embelliahed with all sorts of fun details Christmas Candle Decoration are so fun for kids to craft and make beautiful gifts for family and friends

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Whatever you do, have an amazing Christmas Holiday Season!

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Christmas candle decorations are perfect gifts to make with your kids

12 thoughts on “How To Make A Christmas Candle Decoration”

  1. Awesome gift! I love how elegant and how creative this is! I was just wondering though, where would one get soap powder? I have never heard of that ingredient before, sadly enough.

    1. Hey there, it’sa lovelt craft and so easy for kids to make. Soap powder is washing detergent for clothes? The powder that goes in the washing machine? I can’t think what else to call it! Ha hope that helped? Let me know if not and ill try and find out what its called where you are x

    1. Hi Ritika, Thank you! Its become a yearly tradition in our house, we all collect the foliage and ‘bits’ together then we all help put it together my 6 year old CC is almost able to make the whole thing on her own now she doesnt like the spikey holly though so thats my job. It’s a lovely day in our Christmas every year. Give it a go!

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