How To Make a Pinecone Christmas Tree Gift

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How To Make a Pinecone Christmas Tree Gift

“How To Make a Pinecone Christmas Tree” is a wonderful little craft for kids of all ages. Each year we always make a gift from the kids to older family members. I try to think up a different theme each year and we came up with this pinecone Christmas tree. It’s a very cute decoration in itself. With the addition of the poem and surprise it made a wonderful thoughtful gift for any family or grandparents who won’t see the kids till after Christmas Day.

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Supplies Needed

Here’s what you need to make a pine cone Christmas tree.


Step by step Tutorial…

First your pinecone

If you are using pinecones from the woods, please follow the advice on on how to 

properly prepare your pinecone. (Bought pinecones don’t need this step)

Paint your pinecone green. Making sure you get right into all the little gaps. Set this aside to dry while you make the base.


For the base.

We painted our wooden egg cups. I used metallic red acrylic paint from the link above to make my tree shiny, but any paint would do. You could even wrap the base in Christmas wrapping paper if you prefer.



When everything is dry, take your green pinecone and dab glue on the ends of each ‘frond’ and dab on a little glitter, a sequin or other decoration. We used pom poms to decorate this one. This is also the time

to wrap around your glitter pipe cleaner ifyour using one. The kids loved this bit. Anything that gets the glitter flowing.


I thought my kids would tire of this same task over and over but they enjoyed it so much. Thinking up designs and changing their mind on the sparkles. We found sparkly pom poms in our craft box so we stuck one on as the star on the top of the tree.


Once decorated, leave this to dry as you decorate the base. We used permanent markers in gold and silver to write merry Christmas and snowflakes around the egg cups but you could stick Christmas stickers or sequins too.

Prepare the gift label

Again leave all to dry. Now we can get on with the label. Wash hands first though-trust me.

Ok I copied the poem from its all fiddle and fart it’s a cute verse. I printed it out to make it easier for the kids just to stick it onto their card but you could write it out onto some card too. The poem says :-

On Christmas Day at half past 3,

Make yourself a cup of tea.

I’ll think of you 

You think of me 

Sitting beside the Christmas tree.


Make the Gift Card

I cut a piece of A4 card lengthways in half. Then fold this into 3 equal parts. In the centre one we pasted the poem. The on the left hand side, I used a paperclip to attach a teabag. Yes I said a tea bag. Here’s a picture of how i laid out the poem and teabag. I cut a tiny slit in the very front of the card when its all folded up so the envelope with stay closed when i folded it up.


I let the kids loose with decorating the cards and then popped a hole in the card to attach the ribbon. (Leave about 15 cm of extra ribbon so we can tie it to the egg cup.)

As an extra i made a quick felt stocking to go with the tree as a wrapping. It was quite easy just cut out 2 stocking shapes from some glitter felt i had and blanket stitch them together. I used some fabric glitter paint to make a swirl tree shape on the stocking.




So what do you think ?

So what do you think? If you like this craft drop me an email and let me know!! Id love to hear from you! If this post has given you a hunger for more Christmas Crafts why not try making your own Christmas Wreath? or maybe a Christmas Candle Decoration for your dining table? These are great fun to collect things for and make together.

If your still stuck on ideas for gifts though have a peak at my http://christmas candle15 Screen Free Crafts for Kids post.

Whatever your Christmas brings I’d like to wish you a Merry Christmas Everyone!!






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  1. What a cute idea to make for Xmas and the best part making moments with the kiddos – bringing out their creativity and yours. I’m going to try this with my niece and nephew. Thanks so much for the inspiration.

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