How To Make Paper Plant Pots

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Making your own recycled paper plant pot is super easy and can save you a ton of money and what’s more, NOW is the best time to get started.

Winter can be a long season with dark nights and chilly days so fill the time making some super simple paper pots so you are ready come planting time.

Make paper plant pots

So How To Make Paper Plant Pots

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You can use a wooden paper pot maker which makes a great gift for a gardener you know. I have this one and it’s amazing. It’s so simple to use you can easily knock up dozens of pots in a short period of time.

The only small downside I found is that the pots are all one-sized. When it comes to potting on time we had to resort to using larger tins etc.

But it’s super useful for starting seeds off.

However, the easiest form of paper plant pots is to reuse toilet roll tubes.

Simply take a loo roll tube, and in the bottom 3rd of the tube cut 4 slits evenly around the bottom.

Then simply fold these under to make a bottom for the paper pot.

These will sit happily in a seed tray or plastic fruit container to hold them together.

Sow sweet peas in them, like this

Another ideas is to take a pile of newspapers and make folded paper plant pots.

To Make Paper Plant Pots

Find a container around the right size for your pot.

You can use different sizes if your sowing a range of seeds.

Try using a wine bottle, tin can, crisp tube or similar. Just make sure it had a flat bottom.

I used a deodorant can for these ones.

Simply take 2 to 3 sheets of paper and fold lengthwise in 2.

Wrap tightly around your container , several times, before folding over the base and squashing it firmly against the table top before sliding the paper off the container.

You could also buy a wooden pot-making kit. These are inexpensive and available to buy in lots of places and are invaluable if your going to be making lots of them.

Paper plant pots are such a fab solution to the growing problem of plastic and a great way to recycle.

You can also buy premade paper pots like this.

When it comes to planting your seedlings out the whole paper pot can be planted into the soil, so no root disturbance

To sow in your pots just fill them with compost and line them into a shallow dish of some kind. We like to reuse old fruit cartons and plastic meat containers.

Put 3 cm of soil in the tray under the paper pots.

Depending on the seeds you plants the seedling may push roots through the base of the pot so a little soil helps to stabilize your pot and just helps keep your plant growing strong.

Simply sow your seeds as normal and spray the whole thing with water.

Super easy, fun for the kids and you’re helping the planet by recycling and reducing plastic.

Job done

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