Anpro Huge Colorful Kite for Kids and Adults

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It’s not often I write a review post but we LOVE this kite so much, it’s the perfect kite for kids.

I want to shout about it.

Girl holding a finished rainbow kite up

But First, Why Fly A Kite?

Lots of reasons but mainly…

  • It’s a great way to relieve stress
  • You won’t find an easier hobby to get started in
  • It can be inexpensive activity to enjoy with your kids.
  • It’s a great way to spend time with your friends.

Kite flying is a great way to encourage kids to get outdoors. We love to spend a breezy afternoon on the playing field taking turns to watch our kite soar.

Check out this post for more great activities to try outdoors.

This kite is huge at nearly 60cm and is super easy to fly, so it’s the perfect kite for kids

Girl unwrapping anpro kite for kids

Even our little AJ can manoeuvre this kite with a little help, once its up and he’s 2 years old?

Getting out of the house and flying a kite, will do you the world of good.

Is it easy to fly a kite?

  • It sure is, simply stand with your back to the wind.
  • Now hold your kite up high by the cross point.
  • Let the line out. If there’s a breeze your kite will soar.
  • Let the kite fly away from you a little, then pull on the line as the kite points upwards and it will climb high.
  • You can also start running into the wind and gently throw the kite up a little to catch the wind.
Building a new anpro kite for kids

How To Fly A Kite Safely

1. Stay far away from high voltage wires, roads and vehicles

2. Choose a wide field with no trees or high buildings near you. There’s nothing worse than detangling your string from a tree branch surrounded by nettles.

3. Keep children supervised.

4. Don’t fly your kite near airports or restricted areas.

5.Don’t fly near people, especially young children.

6.Don’t fly kites close to the road. 

Now, let me tell you about our kite for kids.

Family flying a kite on the beach. Showing a great kite for kids.

We bought this Andro Kite after we saw a little girl with it at the beach. There is various designs, we loved the rainbow one above but she had this one below.

She had so much fun and seemed to be able to control it really easily. It’s not easy to find a kite for kids.

We’ve tried a lot of kites before and they’ve all been a disappointment, either hitting the ground repeatedly before breaking or being so hard to control.

We were left with tearful kids regularly.

So we decided to order this one and give it a go.

You can get one of your very own by clicking here.

Holding a rainbow kite up after building it

Building Our Kite For Kids

After it was delivered, we had some of the stillest days we’ve EVER had.

Not a breath of wind. Typical!

The kids were beside themselves waiting.

Eventually we got a breezy day and we raced out with the kite.

Very quickly we were really impressed with the silky quality of the kite fabric.

The fibre glass poles seemed sturdy and stong as we put it together.

Family flying kite high in the sky with kid. On a beach, kite for kids

It was easy to put together too, my 12 year old did it by himself.

He’s a good Cub Scout so he’s built a fair few kites but it looked simple enough which was lucky as the instructions weren’t very clear.

Which is the only down side we could find!

The kids loved the bright colours of this kite.

It’s rainbow colours mean it’s easy to see it flying high in the sky (even with my bad eye sight)

 This Andro Kite has got a super long line on it too, around 60 metres or so.

We let it fly higher and higher until it was just a speck and we still had plenty of line left.

Girl holding a finished rainbow kite up

Flying Our New Kite For Kids

Flying this kite is literally a breeze.

The wind carried it well and it seemed to stay mostly upright while it was flying.

Even when the wind died down to a gentle draft the kite seemed to float well.

A few pulls on the line helped it stay up high.

We did have a few ‘not so delicate’ falls to the ground and it survived well, with no breakages.

Large rainbow kite for kids.

Our Anpro Kite For Kids =Verdict

All in all our Anpro kite is utterly fantastic. 

A perfect toy or gift for any outdoor occassion. 

It’s not just for kids either! My husband took it out for a go and loved it. He spent hours on the field with it!!

He had a blast making it go super high, he really put it through its paces

Here’s some activities to try while camping with your kite.

We plan to take ours camping soon and have even more fun. 

Is There A Downside?

The only downside that we can find with this kite is that taking it apart is a little tricky.

We found that, if we just remove the cross bar and roll it up it sits in the shed happily waiting for the next windy day.

 We are going to have so many amazing adventures with this fantastic kite.

Hit ‘comment’ and tell us what your favourite outdoor activity is…

Girl building a rainbow kite ready to fly.
Fantastic kite fun. Pin image showing kite. Let's go fly a kite for kids.


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