Last Minute Christmas Craft Ideas

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There’s still time to squeeze in a few last minute Christmas crafts before the big event.

These super simple crafts are great activities to do with kids, to sit together for family time, keep them busy when you have other bits to do or for last minute gift ideas.

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So, Lets Have A Look At Our Favourite Last Minute Christmas Craft Ideas

Last minute christmas craft candles

Homemade Snowman Candles- A Super Cute Christmas Craft Ideas

What you need 


  • Fill some empty food cans with your wax pellets.
  • Fill the pot with 2 to 3 cm of water and place the cans inside. Bring the water to a simmer. The cans will keep the wax away from water and allow it to melt at the right melting point. It’s the same idea as a double boiler
  • Melt the wax till clear and add your colouring if using. We decided to make snowmen so we left ours white. 

We did add some essential oils to the melted wax in the jars. Depending on the smell you like. We chose festive smells like this one and added 10 to 15 drops to each jar.

  • Fill your jar 2 to 3cm from the top.
  • Insert a candle wick into the middle of the jar. This is trickier than it sounds as the hot wax melts the wax coated wisk and makes it want to go all twisted. But keep trying and it’ll happen.

Secure in the right position with a couple of pencils or cocktail sticks.

Leave your candles to cool for a few hours until the soy wax returns to it’s creamy white colour. 

Then simply embellish as you like.

We used stickers and permanent marker pens to make our candle into snowmen by adding faces and added a few baubles and pinecones and festive ribbon to ours.

Perment markers will work on these too.

Snowman and santa baubles crafts for Christmas

Snowman/Santa Baubles

This Christmas Craft Idea Is Super Quick And Very Pretty.

What You Need

How to make this Christmas craft idea

To make the snowman face simply use permanent markers onto the white bauble.

You could use googly eyes or buttons here too.

We the cut a piece of black card into a circle to make a hat brim and another strip of black arount the hook part to make the top of the hat.

The bottom of the snowman we wrapped a piece of festive ribbon around the top like a scarf.

Then just add a few buttons.

The santa is super easy just make a thin strip of black paper around the middle for a belt.

Then add a small yellow square for a buckle. We wrote HO, HO, HO on the back too. A silver marker pen is useful for the buckle too.

We even made a pringle tube santa belly to keep our baubles in.

This is just some red wrapping paper glued around the tube with a paper belt and buckle. Cute eh?

Last minute Christmas Candle Decoration

To Make This Christmas Craft Idea You Will Need,

*A Shallow tub or dish around 3 cm deep
*Wrapping paper or some ribbon.
*Soap powder.
*Cold water
*Sparkly silver glitter, link some tinsel.
*Pine cones.
*Mini baubles, berries, figures, mini gifts, or anything else you want to use GO NUTS!
*Some evergreen foliage such as holly, ivy, pine tree branches. Collect this while your out having some winter fun

You can find the easy instructions for this craft here.

Last minute pine cone christmas tree craft.

To Make This Pinecone Christmas Tree You Will Need.

Find the full instructions here

Use beads to make these lovely christmas tree decorations

Super Cute Bead Decorations 


To make the Christmas Tree,

Start with the pointed end. Take a piece of wire around 1 metre long.

Add a gold bead to the middle of the wire the cross the wire over the top.

Put 2 green beads onto one side of the wire, now pass the other wire through the beads and pull either end tight.

Put the next row of beads onto a wire and again pass the other wire through the beads and pull tight.

Keep going adding 1 more bead to each row and changing colours as needed untill you get to the end of your tree shape.

Change colours to make tinsel or baubles on your tree and remember to pass the wire through the beads to create each row.

At the end of the pattern, twist the wire together to finish your tree.

Pull a piece of ribbon through the top and voila!

Why not try making your own Christmas wreath. Full instructions here.

Hot Chocolate Reindeer Cones

What You Need

  • Cone shaped cellophane bags
  • Hot choc powder
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Beads
  • Stickers or permanent markers
  • Pipe cleaners.

Here’s How To Make This Last Minute Christmas Craft

Take one cone shaped cello bag and fill it with hot chocolate powder.

Seal the cone with a small pipe-cleaner. These christmassy ones are fab.

Now, place this inside another cello bag

Push down the top on the inside bag

Place a handful of mini marshmallows on top of the hot chocolate cone.

You could also add some chocolate drops, crushed candy cane etc.

Seal with a pipe-cleaner and twist into antler shapes.

Stick on some eyes and a bead for a nose and job done.

Christmas Crayons

Making these crayons is super easy. Simply take a box of new or left over crayons and sort them into colours.

Using a tin can for each colour, use the ‘double boiler’ method for the candles above to melt the crayons and simply pour this coloured liquid wax into ice cube trays.

Any shape will do, we obviously used a Christmas chocolate mould for ours.

In an hour they are dry and ready to pop our and use.


So there you are, some super simple but really effective Christmas crafts you can enjoy in the lead up to the big day.

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