How To Make Gardening Fun For Kids

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Make gardening fun for kids? Easy to say right but for busy parents how do we manage it??

Lots of us have turned to gardening over this tough period in our lives. However many of you still haven’t given it a try.

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To help you get started, here are 5 simple and easy ways to get your kids outside and enjoy their garden.

Cute Fairy Garden From The Magic Onions

1.Make a themed garden that your kids will love.

Take a look at your garden spaces, whether that is a few pots on your patio, a balcony or a full garden the kids can run around.

Find ways to turn it into a garden full of wonder. Create a fairy garden, Dino desert or sensory garden. The super cute example above can be found over on The Magic Onions

Make sure to think about all the senses. In a fairy garden for example include;

Sight- Add colourful plants with different leaf shapes and sizes.

Sound– From windchimes or rustly leaves like bamboo that give movement and noise,

Smells- From herbs and scented plants.

Touch- Touchable plants like “Lambs Ear” so encourage kids to interact with their garden.

Taste– Plants like alpine strawberries and peas add an edible side to any space.

Fun- Adding a few toys doesn’t hurt either. Small fairies, dino’s, cars etc adds a fun element and brings the garden into the ‘play’ part of your kids thinking and isn’t thought of as ‘not for them’

Toy Monster Monkey Bars Tower - Active Play for Babies - Fat Brain Toys

It all adds interest to the space for kids. These marble wind spinners have been a fantastic addition to our space as they sparkle and send light shafts all over the garden as they spin.

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2.To Make Gardening Fun For Kids-Get Crafty.

Like the wind spinners, (included in the ebook below) there are so many craft projects you can try in the garden.

Heres some of our favourites in this Free Ebook.

From sun-catchers to salad bars, there’s a lot of fun to be had outdoors.

If gardening isn’t your strong point why not try starting with a gardening kit? There’s so many out there for all sorts of gardening. From making fairy gardens to out of this world space gardens. Growing a maze, or digging the place up looking for gold. Check out our favourites right here

fillling our garden pond for wildlife makes gardening fun for kids
Make a pond- encourage Wildlife and make gardening fun

3.Encourage Wildlife To Make Gardening Fun For Kids

Kids love listening to the birds and are fascinated by bugs, feed the birds and paying attention to the world around you all helps that connection to the outdoors.

Make bug hotels, a garden pond, bird feeders, bird baths, butterfly feeders, log piles etc all help the natural world want to call your garden home.

Get more ways to encourage wildlife here

4.Gardening Chores Make Gardening Fun for kids-Seriously!

Give kids some garden chores to encourage them to be invested in looking after their garden.

Sometimes kids don’t know what to do or how to help in the garden so by giving them a few simple task, it helps to show them ways to interact.

Eventually, helping in the garden will become second nature to them. Here’s a few ideas on chores for kids.

Mudd Kitchen - Imaginative Play for Ages 3 to 7 - Fat Brain Toys

5.Make Gardening Fun For Kids By Making It, well, FUN!

Create a space specifically for the kids to do as they want.

Providing a mud kitchen, digging pit etc. Somewhere they can explore and get muddy, make potions and investigate the garden.

Better yet give them their own pot or plot. A large pot or small garden area dedicated soley for your kids to do with as they want can be a powerful incentive for kids to be responsible for their own patch.

Give them a few packets of easy to grow seeds and let them go for it. Buying a garden magazine is fantastic way to get a lot of seeds for not a lot of investment.

You can also add some climbing or ninja equipment, play equipment and other fun toys to a play space.

So, there’s our tips to make gardening fun for kids. Don’t forget to download your Garden Activities Ebook and try some of our favourites. Remember to post a picture of your creations on our Garden With Your Kids Facebook Group.

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