10 Must Have Christmas Gifts For Toddlers

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Christmas gifts for toddlers are easy to buy most of the time, there’s so much choice and everything is branded with their favourite characters.
However, once the excitement dies down, how long do they really play with them??
If your kids are like mine, the only time the want to play with something is when I am clearing it out!
And another thing, most toddler toys are large, bulky and plastic based. Which is also not recyclable, so what do you do with them??
So, replace some gifts with these fun, but useful gifts that will be used time and time again in so many different ways!

inexpensive toys to give toddlers that will last beyond Boxing day. Famillies can play together with these ideas that have are reusable or multi-use. Great gifts to give to children from moms and dads, or grandpaprents

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10 Christmas Gifts For Toddler That Are Worth Buying That Will Stand The Test Of Time!!

  • Tool Belt

This fun tool belt can be used to carry tools to help with jobs around the house and garden.
Children love to feel grown up and help out so encourage it.
Fill the toolbelt with tools for certain jobs, like a duster, garden trowel or wooden spoon to help in all sorts of areas.
My son loves to help with his tool belt, he uses it for his toy construction kit but when it’s time for chores he runs off to get his tool belt on and helps with all the chores.
He even loves helping with laundry, he pairs up clean socks and squashes them into the tool belt so he can find more pairs. It really does make life so much more fun and he’s learning to help without me turning into nagging mum.
  • Dumper truck

This brilliant truck is on my son’s list this Christmas after seeing my nephew with it. Its a dump truck that actually tidies up! Yes really!!
Why has this not been invented sooner??!!
My nephew loves it and it works so well. I thought the ‘bits’ might get stuck in it but nope, it works perfectly and my nephew (who never used to tidy up after himself) now gladly runs all over the house looking for bits to tidy up.
My son AJ was so eager for one, I almost let him have it there and then when I bought it, but I’m trying to hold off. I literally cannot wait for him to open it on Christmas morning!!.
Simply run the truck over legos, marbles, buildig bricks and more to tidy at lightening speed and simply empty out into the toy box. BRILLIANT!!
Again, why has no one thought this up before??
  • Pull Along Wagon.

It goes without saying that this pull along wagon can be used to move anything!
Round up toys, help in the garden or anywhere around the house.
My son AJ uses his at the moment to help gather fallen leaves in the garden, but we’ve filled it with teddies to take to the woods for our teddy bear picnics, carried our picnics in it, we’ve used it to ferry potted plants to other parts of the garden and help mum with sorting out piles of laundry or moving shopping around.
He’ll pretend it’s a car, boat or plane and spend hours making up games in it. AJ even gives our pet bunny a lift around the garden too!!
This is a brilliant investment at any age as it’ll grow with your child, whether you use it for building blocks, garden fun or even to store toys in for easy play anywhere!!
  • Grow Your Own Caterpillar

Set it up and order your caterpillars. Pop them in with some food and watch and wait.
This set is used year after year in our house. Each year we scour the garden looking for cabbage caterpillars and we pop them in with some extra cabbage leaves and watch them grow it’s fascinating to watch them turn into cocoons and then hatch out.
It’s the highlight of out year.



Groot pots make fantastic outdoor gifts for kids

  • Groot

This little planter is so cute and a great gift.
Use it for all sorts of flowers or edibles such as cress, lettuce or micro greens and give Groot any hairstyle you like.
Its made of lasting plastic and is reusable time and time again.
Little AJ has cress seed in his at the moment and my eldest ED has Sempervivum in his. So cute.

Garden Book

In our house, books are always a welcome gift.
We have this garden book “Gardening LAB for kids.” It’s full of lovely pictures which explain things. We refer to it regularly.
It’s full of wonderful ideas and reminders of what fun we can have in the garden.
The kids often flick through it before we head out to get new ideas of great things to try.
  • Bee And Ladybird Hotel.

This is a great gift for nature lovers. Simple pop this one in your flower beds and watch it as the mini bugs find it.
This is a perfect one for kids who love bug hunting.
If you’d like more information on looking after the wildlife in your garden check out this post

mud kitch is a great way to get kids out. one of the best christmas gifts for toddlers i have bought yet

  • Mud Kitchen

This mud kitchen was the highlight of our son’s Christmas last year. He uses it to play with the water, mud sand and sometimes water beads.
We keep his kitchen items in it full of food and pots and pans and he spends hours our there cooking up a storm.
We also use it for planting seeds etc. I fill the sink with soil and he spends ages filling pots with it and sorting out seeds. I wish we’d bout this when my other kids were younger.
  • Raised Bed Planter

Get your kids interested in growing some tasty treats with this wonderful raised planter.
It’s nice and neat and doesn’t take up too much space, but its deep enough to grow a great range of flowering and edible plants.
  • Total Garden

If growing is your thing with your kids, why not start them off with this complete set to get you sowing and growing, these paper pots are great for the environment and your seeds.

Kids can plant and care for the seeds and then plant the whole thing in the garden of a bigger pot when the seedlings are ready to go out.

Great gift to give kids the growing bug. Who knows where it’ll end up!!

So, hopefully I’ve given you some unusual gifts to get for your toddlers this Christmas.
Use these ideas to encourage a love of growing with your children that will last a life time.
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inexpensive toys to give toddlers that will last beyond Boxing day. Famillies can play together with these ideas that have are reusable or multi-use. Great gifts to give to children from moms and dads, or grandpaprents. For either boys or girls.
unusual, inexpensive toys to give toddlers that will last beyond Boxing day. Famillies can play together with these ideas that have are reusable or multi-use. Great gifts to give to children from moms and dads, or grandpaprents

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  3. Thanks for the wonderful gift ideas for toddlers. A few days ago, I gifted a tool belt to my little one and he loved it very much.

  4. Gail, thanks for the unique gift ideas. Surely, toddlers will love it very much. Recently, I bought a Groot my kid jack and he loved it very much.

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