Outdoor Activities you HAVE To Try This Winter!

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It’s finally here! The wet and windy countdown to winter.

For weeks we have been treated to a stunning display of fiery colours as the trees put on their glad rags for one final show before they sleep through the cold.

My kids have spent weeks collecting pinecones, leaves, berries and so many other autumnal goodies to make crafts, artwork and fruity treats.

See our post on Autumn berries and what to do with them for some great ideas.

We have splodged through the woods, climbing trees, building forts, makinh so many wonderful memories.

But now winter is coming and the leaves will soon disappear, so how do you get the kids outdoors now??

Well don’t panic, there is so many more things to get out there and do in winter.

But first my top tip is to get organised!

A messy playsuit for getting outdoors will keep your little explorers warm and toasty and your washing machine won’t run and hide every time you walk in the door.

I have included some affiliate links in this post. These are products we use and love and if you buy through these links I may receive a small commission to no extra cost to you.

We love this play suit. (Below)It’s super warm but flexible enough that the kids can move around easily without looking like a star fish.

Wellies are also a must-have accessory for outdoor adventures in winter.

Try to avoid fun charactor wellies as they don’t hold up to lots of use bending, climbing and running. You’re much better with a sturdy pair like this:

Hand warmers are also a brilliant idea if its super cold. There are 2 type we have used. The gel filled kind that you snap the disc inside and it heats itself. These are great to keep in your bag just incase you need them.

Here some seasonal ones too:

The other kind you can buy or make yourself. A small cloth bag filled with dried rice and securely sown together makes a wonderful hand warmer.or try these character hotties. Great when the kids need a warm hug.

Ok, good to go?

Getting out on the cold crisp air is wonderful for kids and us, there’s so much to learn even in the winter that it would be a shame not to take advantage of this time of year.

So, lets get out there and find animal tracks, go geocaching, build a tepee on the beach, have a BBQ or build a snowman. Whatever you do this winter, enjoy every moment of it.

Here’s our fantastic list of 44 more winter activities to try this winter.

Our Top Outdoor Activities You Have To Try This Winter

It’s good fun to get out in the cold, and its even more fun to have been outdoor and come back home with rosy cheeks and chilled fingers and tuck into a warm hot chocolate and choc chip cookie or snuggle on the sofa to heat up and watch a fun family movie.

So get wrapped up, grab the dog and set out for some fun outdoors this winter.

Go Geocaching

A wonderful activity for winter. Using an app on your smart phone, (we use Geocaching.com) you can search for small hidden treasure boxes all over the country, even the world. This book explains it all

You decide which cache you want to search for and the app gives you a clue and directions to find it.

You don’t need to be a whizz with a compass as your phone literally draws you a map. It’s a great reason to learn some compass skills though.

Try 7 Of the best ways to get kids in the woods this winter

It’s similar to a giant treasure hunt.

Once you get closer to a cache you need to look all around as caches can be anywhere.

We have found them in holes in trees, tiny ones shaped like screw heads on the back of benches and ones hidden in abandoned rabbit holes.

When you find a cache. Usually it contains a pencil, a small paper logbook you can sign and some small ‘treasures’ you can take if you have something to swap.

Treasures include things like small keyrings, badges, stickers, a whistle and those small rubber toys that look like animals or monsters (think Moshi Monsters or Hatchimals) that are so popular.

I’m so glad we found this activity. It’s kept the kids amused in all sorts of places. We love to walk the dog and geocaching has opened up so many new walks we have found during our

Outdoor kids love geocaching

Make Frozen Decorations

Have your little ones look for some interesting nature treasures. 

If your like us you’ve already collected some nature ‘bits’ during Autumn.  Things like leaves, berries, beech nut cases, grasses, pinecones, pine needles, conkers,twigs, seeds, and such.

These treasures all get put into the bottom of a freezing dish.  Disposable foil tins are the easiest as they can cope with the cold and are reuseable.

Pour water over everything and leave outside overnight or into the freezer if it’s not cold enough.

Once the disk is frozen, pop your ice ornament out of the container.  Use your drill to make a hanging hole (not too close to the edge) and hang your ice sun catcher in a spot where you can enjoy it sparkling in the sun.

Climb Trees

This is a great activity any time of year but in winter you can appreciate the shapes of the trees and the different textures and colours in the bark.

Climb trees in winter

Kids love climbing trees but in winter its easier without all the leaves in the way to watch your little none and help them stay safe. I’ts also easier to snap a picture. Bonus!

Make Snow Candy

If you are lucky enough to get snow this year your kids will love trying out this maple syrup snow candy recipe.

You can collect the snow and bring it outside or like us, get prepped to take your heated maple syrup outside!

Maple syrup snow candy
  1. Pour a bottle of pure maple syrup into a pot and bring to a boil over a medium-high heat, stirring constantly.
  2. Stir and boil until your maple syrup until reaches 220-230 degrees on a sugar thermometre.
  3. Be careful as it is super hot, take your pot and a ladel ouside to a fresh patch of snow.
  4. Carefully spoon your hot maple syrup onto the snow.Try making different shapes in the snow for different shaped sweets.
  5. The maple syrup will harden quickly, you can remove the pieces and eat like hard candy or you can wrap the candy pieces around the end of a food-safe wooden lolly stick.

Try different ways and see what you come up with, you could experiment with natural food colours too to get different coloured lollies.

Ever Planted Garlic?

Garlic is super easy for kids to grow. Just peel a few large cloves off a bulb in your fridge or buy a bulb of cloves. You will see there’s a pointy end and a flat end.

Simply fill a tray with soil or make a shallow trench around 2 inches (5cm) deep and gently press the flat end into the trench.

Plant garlic in winter

Once they’re all laid out simply cover them over with soil and water in. Garlic needs the cold so poo your tray outdoors and by spring they will be growing new shoots. Just plant them outdoors in March and they will continue to grow well outdoors.

Other winter gardening ideas you can do as a family, can be found here

When the leaves die down in August you can dig them up and dry out your bulbs to use in the kitchen.

Go Cycling This Winter

Cycle in winter

A bracing winters day can lead to amazing fun on a bike.

Chose somewhere new to go and explore as the cold nips your cheeks.

There is something about moving so fast on a clear crips winters day.

So gather some friends, pack a flask of something warm and go explore.

Make Frozen Friends

Another ideas if you get snow is this brilliant one from happyhooligans.ca

Simply make different shaped snowballs and use the kids Mr Potato shapes.

Such a fun activity, even for older kids.

You could even make a giant snowman and use these parts for its features.

Feed The Birds

Feed the birds

Check out this post for some fun, low cost and super easy ways to keep your feathered friends happy this winter.

Well there you go, some fun and alternative activities to try with your kids this winter.

Remember to download your FREE printable Winter bucketlist by clicking the picture below!!

Winter activities for the whole family

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  1. Kids get bored at home. Outdoor activities are the once that excites them the most. They really make them super happy. Thanks for sharing these many ideas with us. Kids will love all the ideas. They are perfect for them. My family’s favourite is cycling and gardening. We will go for frozen decorations and geocaching this time.
    Thanks, and please keep sharing.

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