Outdoor Craft Supplies

Find the right supplies to get crafting in your backyard!


This backyard fun post has loads of ideas to get you going.

And theres a lot of fantastic garden crafts right here too!!

DIY Pet Frog Rock

Paint a rock-like sculpture for the garden or your room. 

Each kit contains 1 rock pet, 6 weatherproof paints and a brush.

Mosaic Leaf Stepping Stone Kits

Everything you need to make a unique decoration for your lawn or garden. This kit includes plastic reusable stepping stone mold, seven pounds of stepping stone mix, recycled stained glass pieces, letter stamps, mixing and writing tools and easy to follow instructions.

Metallic Outdoor Arcylic Paint

Dazzling Metallics paints that are non-toxic, bright, easy-cover. They also adhere perfectly to wood, fabric or virtually any craft surface. To use outdoors they may need to be varnished.